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Good Behavior

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Alas, no season 3 but we'll always have Letty and Javier, won't we?


And we can of course pick it apart to our hearts' content in here, including the Letty Dobesh Chronicles, yes?

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Seeing both Lusia Strus (Estelle) and Juan Riedinger (Teo) on Claws makes me miss Good Behavior all over again. I lament that it didn't catch on like it should have - nor get a chance to finish its story. IMO, it was superior to Claws. I love the ladies on there, but the story is failing for me, and I've now given up on it. Yet I still want to know what happened with Letty and Javier; what's next for Estelle, Rob, and Christian; whether Javier and Ava can truly reclaim their relationship; how Jacob is doing after the traumatic incident w/Teo; and whether Letty will get Jacob back... Wow, just writing their names, I miss them all so much! Anyway, I still dearly wish that there had been at least one more season.

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I miss it so much too.  It kills me that TNT wouldn't even give us one final season so Chad could end the whole thing the way he wanted.  And not having Michelle and JDB onscreen together anymore is a crime against humanity.  (I'm also a bitter Betty and refuse to watch anything on TNT now - not that I ever watched anything on there besides GB lol)

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You know, I bought both seasons from iTunes, but I can't seem to delete them from my DVR. Even a two-hour movie to wrap up some things would have been better than nothing! I don't buy that TNT couldn't work anything out. It's so frustrating.

5 hours ago, TaraS1 said:

And not having Michelle and JDB onscreen together anymore is a crime against humanity. 


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