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Alas, no season 3 but we'll always have Letty and Javier, won't we?


And we can of course pick it apart to our hearts' content in here, including the Letty Dobesh Chronicles, yes?

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Seeing both Lusia Strus (Estelle) and Juan Riedinger (Teo) on Claws makes me miss Good Behavior all over again. I lament that it didn't catch on like it should have - nor get a chance to finish its story. IMO, it was superior to Claws. I love the ladies on there, but the story is failing for me, and I've now given up on it. Yet I still want to know what happened with Letty and Javier; what's next for Estelle, Rob, and Christian; whether Javier and Ava can truly reclaim their relationship; how Jacob is doing after the traumatic incident w/Teo; and whether Letty will get Jacob back... Wow, just writing their names, I miss them all so much! Anyway, I still dearly wish that there had been at least one more season.

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