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I binged-watched this on Netflix last year and really enjoyed the show until Will died. After that it all went to hell. I never cared for any of Peter’s storylines, except maybe in the first season (not an American, no idea what’s going on about the politics most of the time and I find it surprising that you can vote for judges and district attorneys). 

I think by the end of the series, Cary was my favourite. I’d only known the actor from Gilmore Girls and I loathed his character in there, so I was surprised how much I liked him here. 

The law firm politics in the early seasons? Pretty spot on. Changing a law firm’s name?  Requires a LOT of paperwork and costs a fortune. Also, whenever I see Will and Diane putting everyone in the freaking litigation department on ONE single case, I think, No wonder this stupid firm is always on the verge of bankruptcy. 

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