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On 11/28/2020 at 11:51 PM, Ms Blue Jay said:

I think it's because it's so out of character for Phoebe to care about any sport at all that passionately?  Monica should have caught on.

The funny thing when you watch all of the Thanksgiving episodes in a row is how their interest in football waxes and wanes each year 😄 

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Discover Card is running a commercial with various clips from film and TV (answering Discover's question of if it has an annual fee, of which the answer is no...), and one of the clips used is Matthew Perry/Chandler. It's clearly from a first-season episode, as he had the longer, floppy hair. He was on the phone and kept saying, "No, no!" (Can't remember which first-season episode it was from, though!)

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I think it is from when he was trying to quit the job that was supposed to be an internship, and the boss called to offer more money.  “You’ve got the wrong guy! You’ve got the WRONG GUY!  See you Monday?”

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