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Airs Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 at 9 PM EST on CNN. (So, tonight, lol. I didn't see a thread for this so I just HAD to create it.)

The 30th anniversary of her death will be on Monday, May 20th, 2019.

Even after all the cast members the show has had, I think Gilda may still be, after all these years, the greatest female cast member in SNL history (with the most underrated female SNL cast member being the equally dearly departed Jan Hooks). 

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I watched it too and I loved it. My parents thought it was hilarious how she had trouble watching Ghostbusters since shed dated all the guys except Rick Moranis. On a related note, LOL that she wrote to her mother and said the story about her and John Belushi was a "vicious rumor." 

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I read It's Always Something many years ago, and so I knew most of her story. Still, I found Love, Gilda really sad. The fact that she went so long without an accurate diagnosis is just heartbreaking.

The movie did make me curious about her relationship with Bill Murray, although I'm not surprised he wasn't a part of it.

Speaking of SNL cast members, I wonder if any were asked to appear but declined. For example, why was Laraine Newman part of the movie but not Jane Curtin? I'd like to have heard her take, too.

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I was surprised at how short Gilda’s actual career after SNL was.  It seemed she was always part of the zeitgeist and was still so beloved and well remembered. Loved when she went on the Gary Shandking show and was mugging for the camera.

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I really liked this.  It's very close to my heart.   I was in college when SNL started, and we all loved Gilda.  Then I worked in women'a magazines, and she was a women's magazine topic staple, with the misdiagnosis of her disease and the difficulty of diagnosing it until too late. 

Then I was diagnosed with the same disease!  Ten years ago, also late stage, but I am doing better because of advances in treatment.  We have BRCA gene mutations.  If we had been tested earlier, we could have had preventive surgeries (Ashkenazi Jewish backgrounds--now recommend testing).

They didn't show this, but she also dated Martin Short when she was really young.  Then I think HIS wife also died of OC. 

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