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Started this series now.  It will be nice to see them all work together.  Its sure a rough beginning.

So I guess if its a normal human who gets the rebirth process, they retain their memories, but not a 'black sky'?  How is a 'black sky' born/discovered?

Sigourney Weaver makes a great villian.  I guess they don't have time to drain more people to rebirth her?  Why not?  she's known about her illness for quite some time, it appears.

Its kindof funny seeing Mme. Gao be so subserviant to Weaver.  I wonder what Weaver thought happened to Gao while she was captured by Danny/Hand?  Was the other Hand working with Weaver too?  Or just Gao's Hand?

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Well, a lot more answers after 4 episodes.

Weaver already got the rebirth, she's just been alive so damn long her body is finally breaking down.  So....not really immortal?

I presume the Hand wants the IF so he can knock down the mysterious wall?  One still wonders what the very deep hole from DD is for.

Clearly K'un Lun doesn't train their people with brain knowledge, just how to fight.  Bad idea.  

And given how easy it is to overwhelm Danny, could he really have fought them all off at K'un Lun' s pass?

Will Matt get through to Elektra?  I really can't tell what she's thinking, if she is still buying the Hand's bullshit, or just playing along.

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Well, it went fast.  OTOH, I'm not surprised Matt lived, that dragon skeleton has resisted a lot of stress for eons, so yeah, one could survive a building crumbling on them by taking cover under the skeleton.  but one does wonder how whoever got Matt out (I presume Elektra).  I'm sure Mme. Gao survived too.

I guess I don't get why Elektra is all so concered with getting "the substance"?  Does she think she'll die in a year?    she only died because she went up against the Hand.  Plus, doesn't she only need it if its a real 'bad' death?  Harold Meachum 'died' twice after being given the substance, and he came back both times (yeah, a little worse soulwise, but I don't think Elektra cares about that) without extra doses of "the substance."  So not really sure why there was such a rush for it, other than Sigourney Weaver's body was falling apart after a millenia.  

And didn't Elektra actually sacrifice herself for Matt?  I kept waiting for Matt to tell her that.

I didn't think Danny was that much of an idiot in IF, but he sure was in this series.  Letting Elektra bait him like that was laughable.

Overall, though, I liked seeing the four together.

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