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S05.E09: Just the Two of Us

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1 hour ago, DrSparkles said:

So cute, I love the boys different relationships w their awesome grandmother!!! 

I agree. I like that we have consistently seen from the beginning that the three boys all have different relationships with their grandmother. When Eddie decided to drive to Trent's party without an adult, I was afraid he would crash the Cattleman's station wagon so I was glad that he just ran out of gas.

Heh, I can't blame Jessica and Louis for being annoyed that they thought they were getting a vacation and finding out they were at couples' therapy. I'm with Louis - I just want to go to the pool!

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Jessica became a bit more tolerable near the end of the episode when it was revealed that she thrives more as the "bad cop" to Louis's good cop. I just find her character to be overall extremely tedious, mostly because she ALWAYS gets her way and there are no consequences for her often-horrible behavior. I think if Louis were portrayed as a bit more of a doormat on a regular basis, Jessica could be as ball-busting as she is and it would at least be understandable. Maybe the show will go in that direction more.

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I didnt recognize June Diane Raphael's face at first, but I knew her voice right away! She is one of the hosts of How Did This Get Made, one of my favorite podcasts! Super fun seeing her here, and I actually thought that Jessica was pretty likable again here. I was totally with Louis, I dont want to work on my marriage, I wanna hang out at the pool!

It was also nice seeing the different relationships the three boys have with their grandma, and more of her backstory. 

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I really enjoyed this episode! The boys plot with grandma was awesome and didn't resort to making anyone mean for laughs. Also loved how badass grandma is and the perspective she managed to provide Eddie with.

I wish they would keep Jessica at this level. She was very much herself here minus the awfulness that has plagued her in the past few episodes. I just hope they don't regress her next week!

Loved the whole good guy/bad guy thing between Jessica and Louis. Jessica enjoying being the bad guy and Louis enjoying the benefits of Jessica being the bad guy is something I can totally relate to. 

My husband was sitting perkily by my side this week giving me thumbs ups as I unleashed my wrath on Ikea so the timing of this episode was spot on! 

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I still really like Jessica, even with all her flaws, but I liked how the show pointed out that Louis is also a jerk when he pushes Jessica to be the bad guy and then throws her under the bus so that he can be seen as the good guy. I felt so bad for both of them that they couldn't just enjoy their weekend vacation, but I loved that they called the radio station back to yell at the host for lying to them. 

Eddie just keeps getting better and better. For a while, his character was the worst, though to be fair, almost all middle schoolers are the worst. I love his relationship with his Grandma. 

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