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I didn't know it was on Prime.  I won't have time to rewatch it now but hopefully they'll keep it around a while.  

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I've entered into a string of episodes where they are focusing on the vote for war and Luke's cheating and Gareth/Laurel relationship angst (the Michael Moore joke isn't as funny the second time around).

I miss Gustav and the zany bug hunt.

Did notice that the douche bag documentarian is Joel on Mrs Maizel and Luke's pregnant wife is the new Isabel on the new Roswell reboot.

I did find it hysterical that, as I was thinking how much I missed the more comedic elements of Gustav/Laurel/Rochelle fighting the alien bug infestation, a new previously came on singing about a bunch of stuff happening and then admitting it got too stressful so he skipped the last show and then proceeded to explain what happened on Gunsmoke.

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