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That was adorable, but I could have done without his bitch French wife showing up. God, she is revolting. Loved the story line abut the kitty kats, even though I am not a cat person, I really loved this episode. But, what what what will be the paint color for his bedroom? Inquiring Minds Need to Know.  The mystery begins this season!  

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I'm not a fan of Penelope either. Maybe if a different actress played her she'd be more tolerable. I don't mind a character that's supposed to be unlikable, but she just really grates.

Loved all the stuff with the cats, particularly when Ken and Christine were voicing the cats talking to each other.

I got a big chuckle out of Chip telling Martha's mom (wearing those big optometrist sunglasses, "Good luck with welding class."

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I love Susan nearly as much as I hate Penelope. And I hate that Penelope's in California because that just means she's going to a plot point. 

I thought it was adorable that Christine and Ken were Facetiming each other from their separate rooms in the same house.

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