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I forgot to mention this previously, but better late than never. Jennifer Garner was on David Tennant's podcast a few weeks ago. Listen here if you want, or iTunes if you want to actually download it. She really worked hard on Alias. Exercise, both units, language/accent lessons, stunt practice, photoshoots, and having to limit her press time so she could learn her lines and actually sleep. But it sounds like she always worked hard. Wish I had her motivation.

Nothing much about her personal life, though they touch on her skirmishes with paparazzi. Tennant is a good interviewer, but keeps it focussed on her career.

I didn't know this before now, but they were on a show together. A sitcom called Camping. While I'd like to see the Doctor team up with Sydney Bristow, this just doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy.

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