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Hello, this topic is about a question I have about the show The Night Shift. I am not sure how active these forums are or if anyone will even know what I'm talking about, but I feel like I'm going crazy so I have to ask. A while ago (Over a year at least, probably longer) I watched seasons 1-3 of The Night Shift on Netflix. At the time, season 4 was not out yet. When I was looking on netflix for something to watch and The Night Shift came up and I saw there was a fourth season so I decided to watch it. In hindsight, I sohuld probably have rewatched the other seasons first since it had been awhile, but I was curious to see how the show ended and I did remember the characters and main plot points and such so I jumped straight into the fourth season. I knew a few things, TC and Syd in Syri, Paul's dad buying the hospital, and that Topher had died. However, while watching the fourth season, I realized that Topher's death is not revealed until the second episode, but I swore I knew about it so I was thinking maybe it was from the season 3 finale? So I finished watching the fourth season then went back and watched 1-3 and I just finished the season 3 finale and there was nothing about Topher dying, and I remember in the season 4 first episode Jordan had said she talked to Topher about coming back? So now I'm confused, because clearly Topher's death was not mentioned until 4.2 but I swear I remember seeing a scene of him and his daughter in a crash? So now I'm trying to figure out if I'm just going crazy or if it was in a promotion but the scene got cut or something? I've tried googling and looking up the scene on youtube but I can't find anything so I'm pretty sure I'm just crazy, but how did I know he died before it was revealed? If anyone happens to know if maybe my promotion theory is right or can confirm I'm crazy please reply and let me know, I haven't been able to get this off my mind since watching the fourth season. 

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