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Orphan Black

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Have to say I'm not thrilled with the idea. They really had something special with that cast and crew, especially Maslany. And the story was so original and relevant... I just not sure that lightning can really strike twice. 

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I started a rewatch of the show today, and I'm on the episode where Alison ties Donnie up in the basement, while there's a party going on. I forgot how much of a riot it is.

Alison getting drunk and being a disastrous host, Sarah playing Alison to interrogate Donnie, Felix trying to cover, then Sarah having to play Alison the host and try to save the day. I just love the different layers Tatiana Maslany was able to put into each character, to make it obvious who was who, even when they were pretending to be each other.

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I've just started watching this series on Amazon.  I was hooked with the first episode.  I'm about half way through episode two.  It was a struggle to find this thread here!  I hope they'll be others watching this who comment.  

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I've had the last season saved up for awhile - I couldn't bring myself to watch it and for the show to really be over! But I finally finished it this month. Really lovely stuff, and the "sestrahood" is just what I needed in quarantine. I'm so glad they're having a reunion!

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Comic Con is going to be free online this year due to COVID-19. This panel hasn't been assigned an official timeslot yet so be sure to check the Comic Con website in the next week or so!


LGBTQ Representation on TV
Featuring Jamie Chung (Once Upon A Time), Jamie Clayton (Roswell: New Mexico), Wilson Cruz (Star Trek: Discovery), Tatiana Maslany (Perry Mason), Anthony Rapp (Star Trek: Discovery), J. August Richards (Council of Dads, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Harry Shum, Jr. (Shadowhunters) and Brian Michael Smith (9-1-1: Lone Star), moderated by TV Guide's Jim Halterman.


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But I don't WANT Disney Plus.  I have enough things wanting my money (and that I want money for) already.  And yet, it's Tatiana Maslany....  (I paid almost $400 to be on the stage at Network.  I didn't get to talk to her, but she was acting on stage about 8 feet away from me--worth every penny.   And she was a delight after Mary Page Marlow.  (Why, yes, I DO try to see her live whenever I can!)

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3 hours ago, Ailianna said:

And yet, it's Tatiana Maslany....  (I paid almost $400 to be on the stage at Network.  I didn't get to talk to her, but she was acting on stage about 8 feet away from me--worth every penny.   And she was a delight after Mary Page Marlow.  (Why, yes, I DO try to see her live whenever I can!)

I went to see Network as well, but didn't sit on stage. But I know what you mean about needing to see TM in whatever she's doing.

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I had never seen the series but I had heard about it once it picked up steam but I hate jumping into a series mid-way.  So, the pandemic seemed like a good opportunity to take out the series DVDs from my local library.

I watched the entire series over the last month, and I enjoyed reading each episode discussion in the vaulted forum, though I did wonder what happened to the season 3 discussions which were nowhere to be found.

Tatiana Maslany is very impressive.  I taped the season of Perry Mason which is next on my list to watch, and coincidentally, the series I watched before this one was The Americans with Matthew Rhys.  I am definitely looking forward to watching both of them in the series.

Because I watched the series in a very compressed timeline, it was a somewhat easier to follow the trail of "who-is-the-bad-guy-now."  Overall the acting was excellent (with a few exceptions) and I liked the way they ended the series.  They didn't tie up every string into a bow, but they wrapped up enough for us to know that the Clone Club would be ok, and that they were working on finding all the Ledas to cure them.  I am curious though about how they are getting them to meet with Delphine for treatment since it doesn't appear that they are telling them that they are clones.  I may have missed something there...

The only thing that was a problem for me plot-wise was having Cal dropping off the face of the earth.  I realize that he had a new gig on GOT, but they could have kept mentioning him, or pretending to talk on the phone, or something throughout the remainder of the series.  I found it hard to believe that Kira would just let seeing him drop since she had gotten rather attached to him and he had gotten very involved and risked a lot of danger to help them many times.  It's unlikely that he would just disappear into the night.

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Helena doesn't need any help to go hulk.  Allison would be busy making sure it  (a) didn't affect the PTA and (b) why it was Donny's fault.

More interesting would be Cosima, who would be all about investigating and controlling it, or Sarah, whose reaction I can't even figure. First season she'd be all about using it to help herself. But by the end...she surpassed herself so much I don't know how she would react. 

I'm excited to see another new project from her. Even if she can't always be clones.

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‘Orphan Black’ Spinoff Series Greenlighted By AMC


AMC Networks revealed today that Orphan Black: Echoes is planned for AMC+ and the company’s linear networks in 2023.

AMC says the Orphan Black spinoff is set in the near future and “takes a deep dive into the exploration of the scientific manipulation of human existence. It follows a group of women as they weave their way into each other’s lives and embark on a thrilling journey, unravelling the mystery of their identity and uncovering a wrenching story of love and betrayal.”


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Hmm. I wonder how well that will come off. Orphan Black was mostly Tatiana and her ability to play multiple roles. I was frequently bored by the stories concerning side characters. I'll give it a chance, but lightning rarely strikes twice.

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