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Snowpiercer is an upcoming American drama television based on both the film of the same name and Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob. The series focuses on the last survivors on the planet. They inhabit 'The Snowpiercer', a train that travels around the globe, which is divided into two feuding classes.

Coming to TNT in 2019.

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Well this sucks. The info from the older forum didn't even get vaulted.


Anyway, comments on Snowpiercer  from TNT's president:


The Chief Creative Officer of Turner Entertainment, who is also president of TNT, said that the Jennifer Connelly-fronted drama should soon see the light of day and that the network is “just playing with the timing of when it airs”.

He also addressed the showrunner changes at the show, which is produced by ITV-backed Tomorrow Studios, Turner’s Studio T, along with CJ Entertainment. This is after things got ugly between former showrunner Josh Friedman, who was replaced by Orphan Black’s Graeme Mason.

Reilly admitted that the situation got “very strange”. “Quite often when you have a change, it signals that you didn’t really buy into their vision. We had a pilot that was very promising with some creative people behind it and in that case it was a filmmaker [Friedman] who hadn’t really done TV before and mounting a series was a different order and we got on Graeme who was a consummate professional and an incredible partner and has built off of the template that we had with the great cast,” he added.

... Reilly added that he’s seen all of the episodes and called it “outstanding”.

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This is moving from TNT to TBS, and has already been renewed for a second season!


UPDATED with quotes from upfront presentation: TBS, known for its comedy lineup, is making its first foray into drama programming, beginning with the high-profile post-apocalyptic sci-fi series Snowpiercer. Ahead of the Season 1 premiere, WarnerMedia has given an early second season renewal to the series, starring Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs, which will move from its current home on TNT to TBS. The first season of Snowpiercer, from ITV-backed Tomorrow Studios, Turner’s Studio T and CJ Entertainment, is now slated to debut in spring of 2020.

The move is part of a broadening of programming flexibility and more integration among the WarnerMedia networks in coordination with its forthcoming streaming service, said Kevin Reilly, President TBS, TNT and Chief Creative Officer Turner and Direct-to-Consumer, at Wednesday’s upfront presentation in New York. As for the networks, “We’re going to be more flexible in our programming strategy to go where the audience is and use every programming tool and asset we have to maximize delivery and connection,” Reilly explained. TBS, TNT and TruTV are stronger if we’re less bound by a single brand position or genre.”

Based on the acclaimed 2013 movie of the same name, Snowpiercer is set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland. It centers on the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe.


“Snowpiercer is the perfect show to kick-off TBS’ entry into dramas with intricate storytelling, stunning visuals and first-class acting,” said Brett Weitz, general manager for TBS and TNT. “We believe in the longevity of this series and that audiences will be amazed by the fantastical world that brings to life such relevant social, political and environmental issues.”

The long-gestating series underwent a showrunner change in January 2018 when Josh Friedman, who was an executive producer and wrote the pilot, exited the series, over what was described as creative differences. He was replaced by Orphan Black’s Graeme Manson.

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Snowpiercer panel at San Diego Comic Con:


TBS, a division of WarnerMedia Entertainment, is bringing its highly anticipated sci-fi thriller Snowpiercer to San Diego for Comic-Con(R) International 2019. On Saturday, July 20, TBS will present a panel featuring stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Lena Hall, Steven Ogg and executive producer and showrunner Graeme Manson in the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront. The session will include an exclusive first look at the series premiere, which will debut in Spring of 2020 on TBS.

Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a gigantic, perpetually moving train that circles the globe. Class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out in this riveting television adaptation based on the acclaimed movie of the same name. The series was renewed for season two prior to the season one premiere.

Panelists: Stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Lena Hall, Steven Ogg and executive producer and showrunner Graeme Manson

Moderator: Entertainment Weekly's Clark Collis

Date: Saturday, July 20, 3:00 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.

Location: Hilton Bayfront, Indigo Ballroom

Other attendees: Executive producers Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements of Tomorrow Studios

Snowpiercer is produced by Tomorrow Studios (a joint venture between Marty Adelstein and ITV Studios), along with CJ Entertainment, who produced the original film. The series is executive produced by Tomorrow Studios' Marty Adelstein and Becky Clements; showrunner Graeme Manson, who wrote the first episode; director James Hawes; Matthew O'Connor; Scott Derrickson, and the original film's producers Bong Joon Ho, Miky Lee, Tae-sung Jeong, Park Chan-wook, Lee Tae-hun and Dooho Choi.

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