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Finally got hubby into watching Shooter after we finished Punisher S2 last week.  He, like me, is a fan of both the Point of Impact book series and the movie Shooter (although he hasn't seen it nearly as many times as I have, but that's because I have an unhealthy obsession with Mark Wahlberg).  We're a couple of episodes into S2 now.

He's enjoying it, and I'm enjoying the rewatch.  Picking up on some more of the underlying plot lines that I missed before because I just couldn't keep up with figuring out who could be trusted and wtf was going on.  But I remembered just enough of the basics from before to keep up, yet not so much of the details that it's boring, to be really enjoying it this time around.  Looking forward to more!

I'm still completely boggled at how inept Memphis is much of the time, though.  The most glaring example is when she was on the video call with the Russian reporter and the men came in and killed her.  Memphis didn't even try to disconnect the call or cover the camera or anything, she just sat there gaping at them.  Good grief woman LOL.

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