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They've been rerunning this show on Pop!  I've finally seen the first season which now explains Happy and Toby.  I had only watched from season 3ish to the end and so I've been really curious about how Happy and Toby got together. 

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 I caught a few episodes of this on Pop.   I remember this show being unrealistic and bonkers but overall fun and at first I was thinking it should have gone on a few more years (it ended on an unresolved cliffhanger).   But then I remembered the biggest issue with:   every time they tried to introduce a side character it never worked.  Ray, Tim, Flo, Patti.    The stuff with Flo was particularly bad.   Her character was abrasive and humorless and there was no endearing trait you could find beyond her flaws like with the other geniuses.  Walter being obsessed with her because of a dream was just stupid and dragged on WAY too long and Sly falling for was even more WTF.  The whole Cabe in legal trouble plot was another one that made no sense and dragged for too long.  I can see why it got cancelled.  Happy, Toby and Sly were the best of the genius characters.  I wouldn't mind a reboot with them and Cabe back and a now adult Ralph leading them team.   Walter and Page can be living happily ever after off screen somewhere.  

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Until a few months ago, I was completely unaware this show had ever existed. But then I caught a video on Facebook that included a scene from a season one episode, and I became interested enough to look into it, and I have been binging the show since (first on Pluto, and now on Paramount +). And I must say, I have never been more grateful to Facebook. This show isn't perfect, not by any means, but it is entertaining as hell, and features a great cast playing characters I enjoy spending an hour with each episode. And if nothing else, Katharine McPhee's presence means my chronic case of McPheever gets to flare up. Which is nice.

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Watching through this for the first time. I remember wanting to watch it back when it premiered because of McPhee's involvement, but too many things were going on at the time. I'm midway through the second season right now. The most recent episode I've watched was the Christmas episode where they have to fix the dam. Happy singing with the helium voice was hilarious.

I loved the first season, but I feel like the second season has been a little messy... Not horrible by any means, just a little all over the place. I'm thinking of how Drew just vanished until a Christmas message in this most recent episode I watched after Paige nearly moved away with him at the end of the first season. I thought we'd at least see some resolution--I assume he decided to leave by himself anyway. So we never see Paige and Ralph's reaction to that or any fallout after so much buildup over how that would hurt Ralph? Or the first episode after Walter's accident when he's having problems with dizziness when things are tense and he's thinking too hard. I thought that would be a recurring issue for three or four episodes to build up to some kind of accident or drama, but it never showed up again after the episode it was first mentioned (in which it had little consequence). Or Ray joining and then leaving Scorpion pretty dang fast. I didn't really like the character at first, but he sort of grew on me. The fact that he continually got Paige's name wrong made me lol (probably justified after she had to leave him to walk 22 miles back to their headquarters in one of his first episodes). Or how Molina was introduced as their new boss before vanishing after two episodes; that one surprised me big time because I really thought they were setting her up as an eventual love interest for Cabe. Maybe she'll be back in future episodes though. Or how Walter has a hard time dealing with touch--which has been notably and inexplicably absent the past couple of episodes with people constantly hugging him and putting their hand on his shoulder. And some of the plots feel a little OTT even for this kind of show. Like how they need all the characters to be in the hospital for Megan's death, so conveniently there's an outbreak, lmao.

Still, I love Paige and Walter's chemistry, as well as Happy and Toby's. The first episode of season two, when Walter dropped the papers when Paige says she kissed him while he was unconscious was a maximum moment of cuteness, and I loved their kiss scene at the end. I found Megan kind of annoying, which is why I wasn't as invested in the pairing between her and Sylvester--but Sylvester's also the one I like the least of the core group, too, so... Not that that means too much since I like them all. They did wrap up Megan's inevitable death well with the rocket being used to send her remains to the stars. BTW, I hated Walter's parents so much, wanted them gone ASAP. I was very glad they were only in the one episode with Megan's death, because the father was unbearable. Hopefully they don't reappear much over the next two and a half seasons' worth of episodes there are left.

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Molina disappeared because the actress got a role on a different show.   I don't think they plan to cut her that short and I assume that's why they had to drop Peri Gilpin in where they had already scripted that character.  

The show wasn't very good about following up up on characters or revisiting plots.   While a few side characters pop up over the course of the series, there was definitely an element of shiny new toy syndrome.

As for over the top, the show wasn't grounded even from the pilot (the scene on the runway would never work, would have blown the car off the tarmac and left Paige and Walter deaf) so I just rolled with it.    

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I've been watching this show for a bit now, and I found out early on I have to accept that it's ridiculous, but it works because the Scorpion team, as weird as they are (exept for perhaps Walter) are likeable, funny people.

Walter....I really try, but he can be very grating at times.  The more he seems to make progress in being, in Paige's words, less like an android, he pulls right back.  Paige's presence brings out both the best and worst of him.

Specifically,, I'm talking about Season 3 ep  21 "Strife On Mars", and his reaction to remembering what he said to Not Paige in space.  I'm not surprised that he fired her,  but what threw me was how he did it. He seemed like he was making a genuine apology to Paige, and praising her for making him a better person since she's been with the team, then pulls the passive-agressive rug out from under her.  As asshole moments go, that, so far, takes the cake.

His reasoning would appear sort-of sound-Paige was brought on to help the team interact better with "normals" (a phrase I hate, BTW), which she did do, so since she's served her purpose, done her job, there was nothing more for her to accoplish.  But we know exactly why he did it. And despite giving her severance and another job, he was doing it to punish her.

I know Walter ispretty much a child when it comes to EQ, so it can be somewhat understandable how he reacts so childishly sometimes.  But it's still irritating.  When your peers, who collectivly admit they aren't all warm and fuzzy think you're being an asshole, something's really wrong. He can spin it all he wants, but he's acting like a child that can't have what he wants.  He damn well knows that too.

The things I liked about the episode were when the the team told him what he was actually doing in space---making out with his hand.  That shut Walter right up.  I also like about how Ralph pointed out that Walter, even hallucinating, wouldn't have fallen for Paige's "I love you", if she handn't convinced him she meant it.  Ralph, at a much younger age, seems to be able to understand people pretty well.

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