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Sailor Moon

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The whole series just dropped onto Crave in Canada a few weeks ago, so I am having a full rewatch of the new dub -- I had only seen the first half of the original series when it first dropped back in 2014 and hadn't really kept up with it.


The new dub is good. It's not perfect, but overall I'm happy. I grew up with the DIC dub, so Terri Hawkes will always be Usagi to me, but Stephanie Sheh seems to get better with every batch of episodes -- I'm enjoying going through R right now. I do find the other senshi voices to be less distinct than the original English dub, but overall the acting is good. Mamoru is perfect, honestly. 


Also Matt Mercer as Demande, y e s p l e a s e. My favourite Demande will always be Hikari Ono in the original stage musicals but Matt's voice is like butter and my earholes are very happy.

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Well, this finally happened...truth be told, I have mixed feelings about it. Wish it was a series and not 2 movies, and that they chose to animate the new attacks in a new way, instead of re-doing the old anime attacks...but better than nothing, I guess?

A much better preview:


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The movie I found to be very enjoyable overall. Was a bit worried about how they would fit the entire storyline in a 3 hour movie, but I felt they did a good job. And I'm glad we finally got to see this animated:


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Looks like we will finally be getting a new version of the final season, again in 2 movies. This will be called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos. Sadly, it won't premiere until summer 2023. Here is an article about it as well the trailer.


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