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I never particularly cared about the Salvatore brothers or their boring relationship but something that bothers me is how so many fans felt that Stefan had to redeem himself for bringing Damon someone to feed on and turn back in 1864. Damon had only himself and Katherine to blame for that. Damon wasn't compelled. He was fully aware every second of his relationship with Katherine. Ending up a vampire when Katherine was supposedly dead was an unintended consequence of Damon's own actions. Stefan was compelled; he did not consent to his relationship with Katherine, she raped him and put her blood in him without his consent. When he injured and killed his father he was overcome with bloodlust. To say he wasn't in his right mind when he brought that girl to Damon was an understatement.

Damon was the one who needed to make amends for 1864.

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Nina Dobrev at the Met Gala! She was part of the Posen posse this year (Zac Posen created 3D printed pieces for five actresses/models). She is wearing a 3D printed bustier made of four pieces that took 200 hours to print. It was then wet hand sanded and sprayed with a clear coat to make it look like glass. She said it took six people to get it on.



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