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Burned through this on Hulu in a couple  of days.   I think I watched season 1 during its OG run but then pealed off somewhere in season 2.    It’s better then I remember but still has things that I really dislike about testosterone driven shows.   Of course the white wife is vilified even though Barry lies to her cheats on her and he even dies on her at one point.  But it is Molly who is somehow hated.   I actually found her fascinating and wish the show had given her more to do but I guess  on a show based in a muslim country that was always going to be problematic.   There were always hints at giving her a story….I mean she was a doctor but besides a scene or two that never went anywhere.  And the daughter who in season 1 who was written pretty interestingly was written out completely by season 2 and then killed early in season 3 just to  forward  the plot.   I get why the show ended after three seasons but I found it just starting to get interesting and wouldn’t have minded watching a fourth. Even a short truncated season.   But unlike most cancelled shows is had a decent ending.

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I was shocked to see this thread. I actually find myself thinking of this show from time to time. It had its faults, but I liked the setting and the overall mythology. I wish it had continued a bit longer.


When they killed the brother, it lost a lot of momentum.


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