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I’m trying a rewatch of this show for the first time in many years. Well, I guess since it ended. It hasn’t aged well, IMO. It’s possible there’s just been too much good television in the last five years. 

As silly as the books were, some of the changes the show made really didn’t do it any favors. 

I remember when the whole Russell Edginton plot seemed hilariously twisted and campy, and now it’s just ... hard to even watch. 

Also? I would love a supercut version that gets rid of all of Jason’s B-plots, all of Sam’s b-plots, and most of Terry and Arlene’s b-plots. They can also take Hoyt and Jessica. And I’m only on season 4. 

I wasn’t even an Eric/Sookie shipper, and I’d forgotten how irritating it is that they make Eric into a total moron during his amnesia. It wouldn’t have killed them to throw a romantic bone into the campy soup of that arc. 

(Currently watching him derp around after killing Claudine.)

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