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There were parts I was genuinely moved by, but the majority I found “meh” to borderline offensive. 

I had real mixed emotions about season 4, having loved seasons 1-3. Glad I watched it, but also glad it’s over. 

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My wife and I just started getting into this show over the past week. We are a few episodes into season 2. It is good but man it is really hard not to constantly draw parallels to Arrested Development. I mean in both Jeffrey Tambor plays the parent to rich, selfish asshole kids. In both the youngest is kind of going no where in life, is stuck in academia and relies on their parents for support. In both shows Tambor has a super selfish son who ends up having a surprise teenaged son of his own. And in both shows one of the kids is kind of normal (Sarah and Michael) but the more you watch you see they are kind of terrible too.

Also I think Marvel movies have spoiled me with respect to dealing technology because the flaahbacks are kind of rough. I mean I remember what Jeffrey Tambor and Judith Light looked like in the 90's and the flashbacks aren't even close. Hell Tambor was bald when I used to watch Three's Company reruns in the 80's. Although I guess I should be just happy they didn't get Seth Rogan to play young Tambor.

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 I watched this entire series over the span of about 3 days. WOW! I am recommending it to just about everyone I know, with the caveat that, yes, the nudity and sex (and I am not a prude, I swear) is excessive. It really did get ridiculous how each character seemed to end up fucking EVERYONE in their orbit. Despite that, though, I LOVED this show. I know many posters here have commented on how unlikable most (if not all) of the characters were. Well...for me, most of them were just like people in our own lives....kind sometimes, selfish at other times, often reacting in the worst, most selfish possible way to a situation but just as often rising to the occasion and reacting with the love, support, and/or understanding required by the situation. That's how most humans are, folks! Was Shelly irritating and over-the-top? Sure, a lot of the time. But we saw her back story and also got to witness the enduring bond between Shelly and Maura, and I couldn't help but love her, even at her most annoying. 

   I loved all the Jewish storylines...My family are reform Jews...of all of us, I'm the least observant...basically Jewish by ethnicity only, atheist by belief. Didn't matter, though, b/c I could relate to all of this anyway.

   The musical finale...for the first few minutes I wondered, "WHY!? Just why?" By the end, I was loving every second.

   Just wanted to share my thoughts. I am late to the party on this show--when it was first advertised, I thought it was going to be a broad, silly comedy, and didn't bother watching. Glad I gave it a shot last week, because this ranks among my top 5 favorite TV shows EVER.

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