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Caught Episode 1 - I found it interesting, although (as an American) I had a bit of trouble deciphering the accents/slang in spots. I was definitely amazed they were able to include a reference to Doris Day's passing a day after it happened - but since it was a voice-over, I guess it wouldn't be that tough to update the audio the day of the airing. I'm a bit wary of anything RTD touches, but I'll give any show with Russell Tovey in it a shot. Although it was telegraphed a mile away, I enjoyed Tovey's sex scene near the end, but so far I'm uncomfortable with this show's take on the "transitioning" character. Overall, I'm curious enough to want to see where things go in Episode 2.

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Here's the trailer, if you want to check it out before the June 24th debut on HBO...

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Caught the first two episodes, and am really enjoying it so far, even when it hits a bit too close to home.

I'm surprised they got the HIGNFY crew, including Merton and Hislop, to cameo, in the Thompson montage mirroring the early part of Boris Johnson's climb.

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