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The Simpsons Christmas Episodes Thread

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With over 30 years of Christmas episodes, which ones were the best and worst?

My vote for best is tied between "Simpsons Roasting on An Open Fire" and "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace."

For worst, my pick would be "She Of Little Faith". I hate it's how everyone is basically trying to force Lisa back into Christianity, and yet somehow Lisa is the one who learns to be more tolerant? Gimme a break. It's episodes like that that cemented my hate for Marge.

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Interesting question.  As much as I have loved this show, I can’t say that any Christmas episodes are like in my top episodes ever, even the series premiere.

But, my favorite has to be “Marge be not Proud,” where Bart steals the Bonestorm video game.  I mean, there was actually a brief time when seeing the episode in syndication would (this will sound stupid) make me cry—when Luanne is about to throw Bart out of the house after Milhouse screams, “Mom!  Bart’s smoking!” (lol), and Bart ends up asking Luanne if he can just stay with her while she does “mom stuff.” (Bart asks this because Marge has frozen him out after the shoplifting incident.)  After my mom died, even though I was an adult, I just so related to that feeling of missing your mom!

But, aside from that depressing detour, the entire episode is worth it for the stinger over the end credits as Bart plays “Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge.”  I’ll probably butcher the exact quote, but: “Might I suggest feather touch? // You have selected Power Swing!”  The apathy is brilliant.

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