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11 hours ago, supposebly said:

Even if the ratings weren't that abysmal, she did Chris Carter and Fox a favor by showing up.

Yep, and she's been doing CC a favor for a while.  She was ready to leave the role behind after the series, but then the WGA strike led Fox to greenlight IWTB because the script was already in the can, and she - and David - signed up for peanuts up front (in her case, also dropping out of a project she was excited about to do so) totally out of loyalty. 

But that was a muddled mess of basically a filmed first draft, and didn't wrap up shit, although the performances, hers in particular, were exempted from most criticism, so when FOX wanted to revive the show on TV, she agreed to reprise the role of Scully once again in a limited-run season in order to give the franchise the closure IWTB failed to provide. 

Except, surprise, CC - who can't ever let the fuck go - didn't use those episodes to give closure to the characters; he left them on some cliffhanger bullshit.  So when FOX - based on the great ratings the initial revival garnered - offered a second, longer revival season, she signed on because the room to breathe created by more episodes and the ability to bring in more writers/directors - veteran and newbie - created by the lag between order and shooting that was missing the first time around when production was rushed should finally allow for a return to a nice little run of old-school XF episodes concluded by a wrap-up worthy of the franchise.  And then -- some good moments surrounded by shit.  Which the ratings reflected.  Not to mention a total, utter, complete pile of dung for Scully in its final moments, such that few who'd loved her all these years would even want to watch her future.

So, boom, done.  She has every reason to thrust both middle fingers into the air and walk away from it all, whatever the ratings and the paycheck she could thus demand (which, of course, she'd have to negotiate up from David's offer, because, you know, penis).  But the network wouldn't have ordered more episodes regardless - because of the ratings.  So this should be about CC's failure to capitalize on opportunity after opportunity, not Gillian saying peace out.

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On 5/14/2018 at 1:12 PM, supposebly said:

I love that woman.

Shut up Ausiello. They started with offering her half of Duckovny's salary in season 10 and from everything I read, the writing made a mockery of the character of Scully in season 11.

Even if the ratings weren't that abysmal, she did Chris Carter and Fox a favor by showing up.

It's better not to destroy this iconic character even more. They didn't manage to bring these characters and the show into the 21st century, so I'm glad it's not coming back.

This whole thing was mostly a waste of time. Like pretty much most of these so-called revivals. I don't think I will be watching season 11 at all.

Why should she spend her time on a mediocre show when she can do quality work?

I am fine with her pointing out that she's not the cause, and making it clear she's done. And I am fine with the show being done. But it way, way, WAY overstates the case to say season 11 "made a mockery" of Scully or "destroyed" her character. As with literally every season, there were good and bad episodes this season. Gillian Anderson (and David Duchovney, for that matter) did fine work, even if I disliked the way it ended. It's totally fine for her to move on but let's not make it seem like suddenly Scully was made a lesser character because of season 11.

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I blame CC 75% for the failure 25% to the fans. It was the fans and their "motw" obsession that pressured CC into a outdated format. CC the idiot then destroys his entire mythology "the aliens just want nothing more to do with us junk" into 16 episodes of boring motw and a stripper down mythology based around William and Syndicate leftovers........Anderson was right, totally the wrong thing to do. Now it is dead for good.

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