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There was a Powerless easter egg in the series finale of Arrow:




As in that warehouse sign’s nod to Alan Tudyk’s character on NBC’s short-lived DC sitcom, Powerless? “The art department a lot of times will tell us, ‘Hey, listen, we’re going to be on this location, and [we need] to cover up something…,’ and we have trained them over the course of eight years to look at it as an Easter egg opportunity,” explains Marc Guggenheim. “By this point we were through with ‘Crisis’ and I was completely spent. So I called up [DC Entertainment VP] Dan Evans, who’s been my partner in crime for so much of this, and I’m like, ‘OK, Easter egg for the Arrow finale. What do you think?” And that was his pitch. I was like, ‘Great, wonderful, done!'”


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So I just re-watched the series - in proper order - and I'm sorry that this didn't last longer. It's funny and I think it really found its groove in the back half. The DC references were great. And the one (unaired) episode I'd missed - "No Consequence Day" - was really fun!

I thought the cast worked well together; and somehow I'd never noticed that Danny Pudi has a scar across his nose. Is that something that's been covered up in other things he's been in?

Anyway, I'd recommend this if you're into comics, or DC in particular.

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Original Unaired Powerless Pilot

The original "Powerless" pilot was shown and acclaimed at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con and later discarded by NBC, that changed the whole series plot for the other 12 episodes of the first (and only) season.

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