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Penn And Teller: Fool Us

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I don't know if anyone saw the April Fools special. It was definitely filler (no new contestants, one trick stretched over the hour) but I enjoyed it. I've always enjoyed April Fools and good-natured pranks, and to me that's very true to Penn & Teller's nature as well.

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I especially enjoyed the never before seen footage with the French lady. But otherwise, yeah this was 'meh.

The Hardwick stuff did not amuse me. I'm not into that kind of trick even though it's very on theme with April Fools. It's just kind of boring? He thinks he's doing magic but it's planted magicians that make it work. Ha ha. So what?

Possibly this lands poorly with me because on regular Fool Us the tricks cannot be dependent on stooges, but the whole bit with Hardwick was. I guess it was supposed to be funny to see his reaction at the end but I didn't really care.

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19 hours ago, theatremouse said:

The Hardwick stuff did not amuse me.

I'm not a big fan of Hardwick in general, so I tuned out after a couple minutes. Sounds like that was the right choice for me.

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Season 6 Premiere! Magicians were Jan Reinder, Ondrej Psenicka and Giancarlo Bernini, with David Copperfield helping them out on their own trick.

Reinder's rat traps weren't that amazing, but big stage magic is hard to do so I don't expect to be fooled on top of it. Alyson's reactions really helped sell it.

Psenicka certainly fooled me, unless he got lucky and Alyson randomly selected an Ace. (Which does happen but not usually on television.) The trick had a little too much filler time though which IMHO distracted rather than improving.

Bernini fooled me although Penn's clues cleared it up. I liked the trick a lot.

I'm sort of with Copperfield on the last trick, where I know most of the trick and am suspicious about the last bit but don't quite know it. It was a little awkward having that much back and forth but it does sell the idea that Copperfield wasn't there to be a patsy. Also he looks really good for 62.

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Just got around to watching it, and I enjoyed it. 

I suspect that Psenicka may have had multiple ways he could have done it, and P&T couldn't figure out which way it was done. Clearly he identified which card Allison had when he did the fan through the deck, but the speed he did it clearly astounded Penn. 

When P&T had a full forum we had a spoiler thread to speculate on how tricks were done; is there a general thread for that somewhere now?

I think for P&T's trick to David, it may have all been prearranged, but assuming it is a legit Fool Us challenge, I suspect David did get everything, but he missed a key part of the trick.

Speculation on P&T's trick:


I suspect he missed Teller manipulating the deck while he was turned away. They distracted him by having him check out Teller's pocket, and gave Teller more time with the brass knuckles. While the pocket check was going on, Teller was turned away with the deck and could do things to the deck at that point. 

The deck was ordered, but only the first 3 cards or so were key. Teller 'demoed' what they wanted to do, and moved the third card to the top of the deck. David then put that new top card at the bottom of the pile, so it would be on top of his card. I suspect that top card was either sticky (so it stuck to David's card) or could mark David's card, giving Teller something to find after the deck was riffledx2 and cut. (A sticky card might be obvious during the riffling, but a marker card might risk marking multiples; but I could see it done either way, or some third way I can't even imagine)

Then Teller just needs to peek at the card to know what it is, and maybe move it to the top/bottom of the deck, and draw random cards until they reach the second S in spades.

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