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S04.E11: It's Always Open

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I can't say I blame DJ worrying about Jimmy being a father. They haven't quite shown him in a mature adult role, save for a couple of rare moments. They also have written him as a complete moron 90% of the time, a downside to a lot of sitcoms. Sure, Jimmy isn't a parent yet and he will likely end up being a good one, but he seems more like a manchild. So DJ being concerned with Jimmy not being concerned over parenthood is warranted. I've honestly been wondering if they'd have Jimmy grow up once the baby comes or if he'll be about the same. Sure, Jimmy's a sweetheart, but we haven't seen him step it up. 

So I figured out, once Max said that Jimmy was packing, that he was actually working to step it up and pack the go bag.

Casey was too much of a stereotype caricature for a bit there, but once he started interacting more with Ramona, I actually started to like him a bit. He'd be an excellent friend to Casey and after not liking Lola that much, Ramona could use a good supporting character friend. However, yeah, show still needs to tone it down on the stereotypes because I think they hit almost all of them. 

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