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Kids Baking Championship

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I was very happy Niall won. As soon as Naho lost time to decorate, I knew she wasn't winning. Niall is going to be quite attractive when he grows up. Just probably won't be on the track team with that strange way he runs.

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All 3 of the final cakes had good points and issues (as you would expect from kid bakers).  I couldn’t tell who would win but was so happy with Naiel as the winner.  He was my favorite young baker ever since the first episode.  Fun season and as always, I’m amazed at the level of talent in these kids.

On to Spring Baking Championship with the welcome return of host Jesse!  

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I was rooting for Naho, especially after she got the hardest flavors and theme (skateboarding….really?), but her cake was just too messy. Naiel’s cake was beautiful, and he was able to overcome his issues, so I think he deserved it. Outside of a week or 2 towards the end, he was one of the best all season. Sohan also made a beautiful cake.

I hope that they keep using bakers who are older moving forward. The baking this year, including those final cakes, was so much better than what we saw in last year’s finale.

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It's too bad that Naho's cake didn't turn out well but I'm glad she will get a puppy.  I would have been happy with either boy winning.  I actually liked the looks of Sohan's cake better but apparently the texture was really off so I was happy for Naiel who seems like a nice kid.  I thought that buying a chocolate fountain seemed frivolous but then I Googled them and they're not expensive at all so he earned his indulgence.

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I really enjoyed this year's competition, and would have been happy with any of the final three taking the prize. Not an unlikeable person to be found all season--on either side of the judging table. 

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4 hours ago, MoonKitty said:

 Not an unlikeable person to be found all season--on either side of the judging table. 

That is an excellent point, actually, and quite unusual. Thanks for pointing it out.

I did not realize how much I was rooting for Naho until it became clear she was not winning. My second choice won; I am happy (both of those kids are Bay Area, too, which is where I live).

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I've just started watching prior seasons of the show, and sometimes binge 2 or 3 episodes at once.

Am I the only person who holds the remote to mute Buddy the cake boss whenever he starts saying, "There's a fine line . . . "?  The commercial comes on during EVERY break on the Kids Baking Championship, and he needs to have his adenoids out or at least blow his nose.  It sounds like he's saying "man man" instead of "mad man."  And at this point, it's just fingers on a chalkboard.


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