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S09.E20: Fortune Cookie

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Makes sense Luke Perry directed this. Who else would make a camera man lie on the floor in order to make Dylan look tall enough to punch out the rocker guy, who is basically bizzaro Dylan to begin with.

Also, that closed sign is so twee, I'm surprised it doesn't say "clothesd"

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On 12/13/2018 at 8:12 AM, atlanticslide said:

There is no goddamn way pre-Season 1 Donna was into theater and drama club. 

Yeah, didn’t she only care when the hot teacher was there for summer classes with Donna and Andrea?

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Maybe I'm alone on this, but I actually found the Gina and Dylan fight/hate sex scene in this episode to be pretty compelling. I'm not saying that any of the actors on this show are often given top quality material, but Luke Perry and Vanessa Marcil managed to actually make me feel something here, which is really saying something since I can't even remember the last time that happened on this show. Vanessa Marcil in particular always manages to elevate the material, imbuing more pathos and emotion than I think anyone was expecting, let alone the writers. By this point in the series, the actors were doing all the heavy lifting in terms of making the show watchable, and especially compared to most of the others who are coasting or phoning it in, Perry and Marcil are still working hard, and this scene, for me at least, demonstrates that. That they're working with such shoddy material demonstrates that they're also good sports and true professionals on top of everything else. 

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