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Adventure Time for Beginners: What the Björk?

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I started watching the show a month or so ago and am now completely addicted. I've talked a friend into watching via streaming Netflix, but she isn't that impressed with the first few episodes. Any suggestions of episodes from the first two seasons that you think would best represent the show's awesomeness? I'm thinking of "It Came from the Nightosphere" and ... hmm, maybe "To Cut a Woman's Hair"? Any suggestions?

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For me, I don't even think it's really about which episodes to start with. I first tried watching at the recommendation of an acquaintance, who pointed me at a specific episode and I was just confused and didn't get it. Later, once several other friends had strongly urged me to watch I stumbled upon one of the Cartoon Network weekend minimarathons that had five eps in a row? 


Obviously, everyone's different, but for me, just having several episodes as context really helped me get into the show. I won't say it doesn't matter which, because certainly some, even as a fan, I'm not as keen on. But I think with this show possibly more than others, just watching even the, say,  five best episodes wouldn't necessarily help someone get hooked. It takes a bit to get into. I think some of the better episodes, without other context for the characters, could easily be underwhelming to a first timer.


Having said all that...Simon and Marcy.

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Heh. I think Adventure Time is like that gum commercial ... everyone experiences it differently. I knew it was the show for me in the third episode, when the Cosmic Owl told the Ice King that the reason he was alone was because he was a sociopath.


I'd go straight to "Simon and Marcy" myself, but only the first two seasons are on Netflix streaming.

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I'm actually a little skeptical that Simon and Marcy would work with no setup? I dunno. Outside of the Simon/Marcy backstory, possibly my other favorite pair of episodes is probably Fionna and Cake / What Was Missing, but that's season 3 and also probably only works once you've bought into the world.


I think the first point where I decided I totally loved the show was the last few seconds of "Tree Trunks" (S01E04). I don't really think I remember much else from the first two seasons by episode name....

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