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S02.E01: The Virgin & The Trick

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On 12/8/2018 at 3:42 PM, sempervivum said:

Yeah, I considered that, but aside from the Lizzie issue, his life seems pretty orderly for a drunk. Nice/kept up house, savings, a good paying job, even a nice looking friend (the woman we saw last season, who we all thought he should be with instead of old sugar baby). I was thinking more of heart problems, but you may be right.

Scott, if he had spent some of that $90K on some regular dental care and a gym membership, would certainly be very acceptable indeed to any number of 40-something ladies. He has pretty blue eyes, is kind, has a good job, a home, and, until recently anyway, money in the bank. He seems to have a good relationship with his son. But a regular garden variety woman, his equal in looks and experience, isn't for this Captain Save A Ho. I felt bad for him but now I keep screaming "WISE UP, FOOL!" at the teevee. I feet terrible for his son. He loves his dad and knows he is powerless to help, he had to let his dad make his own mistakes. 

On 12/8/2018 at 8:26 PM, PrincessPurrsALot said:

Megan is battling Scott for the most delusional.  Yeah, sure, Michael wants nothing to do with his baby mama, Sarah.  I will never understand women who want to have a battle for a man.  At least Sarah knew him before he was incarcerated and, since they have a daughter together, has a reason to keep him in her life.  Our virgin princess is jumping onto this train well after it left the station.  The sexercise video had me howling.  He's been in for years.  It's not going to take any fancy moves to satisfy him, at least not on the first round.  As Johnna shared last season in her exciting wearing my showercap for sexy times and keeping the mics live sex scene, that was fast! 

Megan is just my favorite. Dumb as a stump, naive as a five year old. She must be cringing with embarrassment now, watching herself waxing rhapsodic about how she's dying to have sex. oh my god. 

Once more a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of my 90 Day Fiance peeps who recommended this wonderful, glorious train wreck of a show. I am home sick and have been binging all day. My gratitude is boundless.

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