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S39.E14: Jim Parsons/Beck

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I consider myself to be pretty easy when it comes to SNL, they don't have to try too hard to make me laugh. That said, I reply enjoyed last night's show and I am not a Jim Parsons fan at all. The murder mystery sketch really made me laugh and Taran's Jebidiah is always good. it will take some time to get used to Colin in WU, but he seems like he'll be fine.  

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Wow, I thought that this episode was just awful. I'm not alone, obviously, but seriously. I was expecting some dropoff, what with Seth leaving and a host I wasn't particularly excited about...

But this? This was just... disappointingly bad. 

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The only part about last night's SNL I liked was Weekend Update, and even with that, it was a slow-go in terms of getting going for me (which, for Colin Jost's first Weekend Update, was to be expected, I think). The joke I laughed at most was the one about the dogs driving the car, which I don't know exactly says about me, except two Golden Retrievers putting a car in gear with "Bad to the Bone" blasting on the stereo = comic gold. Maybe not the best Weekend Update joke ever, but certainly far from the worst, in my opinion.

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I laughed most about the joke about Jim Parsons having a totally different relationship with his real life male roommate. It felt like the kind of line he's used many times before, but it works. 

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I thought the material for WU was way meaner/cheaper than usual.

I really liked the Killer Files sketch for some reason. Parsons just looked the part for it and it was pretty silly.

That Peter Pan sketch though, roof stoof. Is it just me or is Ady Bryant the exact same in everything?

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