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S02.E08: Someday...

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The evolution that I see in Joel is that he has stopped being envious of Midge’s comedy career and has started respecting it. He knows from experience how tough stand up comedy is and I find it refreshing that he has come to admire Midge as something other than a wife and mother of his children. 

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Isn't Imogen supposed to be pregnant? She looked adorable in that green ensemble. But not pregnant.

It's weird that Joel is playing tough guy but whatever. It's like the show doesn't realize that the audience knows what camera angles are. Sometimes he's short. Sometimes he's tall. I'm not an idiot. It would have made more sense to call Ben (though I'm not sure he would have risked his hands to punch someone) but I get not wanting to call in Zachary Levi for another day of shooting when it was just a quick scene.

Oh now her mom enforces some discipline?

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This episode was a great example of why people say you shouldn't get married to someone until you take a road trip with them first. Being stuck in a small metal box with someone for hours can bring out the worst in people so better you know that before you make a lifelong commitment. Even when both people are generally genial, shit happens so you get to see how they react to things not going their way.

On top of that, performing in unknown venues brings another level of not knowing what to expect. The backstage area rang true for me too. I used to be a performer and sometimes I would get booked to play in clubs or other venues with no dressing room or a tiny closet. One time the performers were given part of the kitchen to use as the dressing room. People like to mock celebrity riders because of the nitpicky things they ask for, but most of the time those very specific requirements are a result of working at a shitty venue that didn't have adequate backstage accommodations.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching Midge and Susie go from "woooo, road trip!" to bickering because it's realistic to get annoyed with each other hen everything is going wrong.

I loved that rose left the entire mess from the baby shower for Midge to clean up. I mean, seriously, she completely forgot about her best friend's party, which she was supposed to host, so it seems like the absolute very least she could do is clean up.

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