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S02.E08: Someday...

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The evolution that I see in Joel is that he has stopped being envious of Midge’s comedy career and has started respecting it. He knows from experience how tough stand up comedy is and I find it refreshing that he has come to admire Midge as something other than a wife and mother of his children. 

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Isn't Imogen supposed to be pregnant? She looked adorable in that green ensemble. But not pregnant.

It's weird that Joel is playing tough guy but whatever. It's like the show doesn't realize that the audience knows what camera angles are. Sometimes he's short. Sometimes he's tall. I'm not an idiot. It would have made more sense to call Ben (though I'm not sure he would have risked his hands to punch someone) but I get not wanting to call in Zachary Levi for another day of shooting when it was just a quick scene.

Oh now her mom enforces some discipline?

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