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S01.E01: Approachable Dreams

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ON 11/27/2018 AT 4:45 AM, CHAOS THEORY SAID:
I can already see both daughters are going to get hate posted on this board.   I honestly thought that they were genuinely worried about their mom but just acted like  kids do when confronted with their parents sex life.  Plus Debra was lying to them and being manipulated.  I am betting they are going to be treated like worse villians on boards like this because they are bitchy then the guy who is a con man.

I like them!  And remember their loony irresponsible mother has dragged them through countless relationships/husbands.  They should be acting crazy!

I like them, too; although I'm probably a bit biased because I'm a huge fan of Julia Garner. I didn't recognize her at first either! Anyway, yes, it definitely appears that Debra has put them second to the current man in her life on a consistent basis. And John gives off major "creepy lying dirtbag" vibes that Debra either handwaves away, or is in total denial of,  so I don't blame them for being fed up and "bitchy". 

I understand being desperate and single (and I would NEVER EVER want to be in the dating pool again), but if you can't do *some* vetting of the guy you're moving in with/marrying, then I'm sorry, you're just dumb. Especially when you're Debra's age, have been married 4 times, and hello, the internet exists. 

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I really liked how they  played background songs to coincide what was going on with John & Debra on the first episode like "The Sweet Escape" when looking at apartments & "I'm Into Something Good" at the end when they were in Vegas. 

I thought they were going to continue the playing of a couple of songs on each episode  but we've only heard a few from all the episodes. 

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The first time someone shows you who they are believe them.


he stalked out. An apology and explanation should never have been accepted.


connie Britton is 51, so Jean smart at 67 is a little young to be her mom.


i LIKE the girls. They are both dead right. And I don’t see “failure to launch,” one of the girls is still in college.

im 54 and live with my mom- I stayed in after my father died. I have owned my own house and lived all over the world but since I’m not married I guess some people would say failure to launch..


mom is stupid and her kicking the daughter out of thanksgiving was BEYOND. I can’t imagine the hurt but I see where she gets it because grandma also said something similar when Ronnie was crying.


i have not seen the podcast or anything else but his stories and lies getting bigger and more glamorous raised eerie memories of “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine”

and psycho moms whoppers. 

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It seems like Debra just coddles people and is extremely passive.  That's why her daughters are such brats and are in therapy with her as adults and why she stuck with this guy. Well, I binged it so I am caught up but I still feel compelled to read all the board commentary.  

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On 11/27/2018 at 10:01 AM, teapot said:

HA!  boy-child met his GF on a dating site, and I asked them, "how did you decide to do that?  did your friends talk you into it or something?"

he says, "no, mom, it's what you do, you get bored, you swipe..."

me:  "no.  no way, never, that is weird." (i've been married to his dad for 29 years, but that would never be my thing.)

he says, "well, you guys used to talk to complete STRANGERS.  now THAT's weird!"

gotta say, he has a point.

My youngest met her BF that way. He's a great guy, and they've been together for years now. It does allow a way to filter out some things easily (interests, etc.). I wouldn't do it, but then I was crap at the dating game myself. The only two men I dated seriously I ended up marrying (30+ years now with #2).

On 11/27/2018 at 11:16 AM, Ohwell said:

Well, talking to strangers in person, at least we know what they really look like, as opposed to some altered photo.  Also, we can pick up on any strange vibes.

You can pick up strange vibes online as well. Not the same strange vibes, but some. It's all imperfect.

On 11/28/2018 at 7:51 AM, Kiki620 said:

For those of you who are enjoying this but haven't listened to the podcost (or for those who are watching and just watched the Dateline episode too), please, please, listen to the podcost.  It is so enthralling but also provides such a deeper level of explanation for everything that is going on.  You can already tell this mini-series is going to gloss over some important details.

  Reveal spoiler

Like the fact that he went on and on about how comfortable Debra's bed was because he literally had just gotten out of prison.  I wonder if they'll touch on her sister's murder, her Mother's reaction and the family testifying on behalf of her murderer.  Or what John did to his own sister.  That's deep stuff that viewers need to know.  

I had no idea it was a true story until the beginning credits. But since I don't know anything about them, they'll remain fictional characters to me. I'll listen to the podcast when I'm done.

On 12/4/2018 at 10:27 PM, princelina said:

Wow - 67?  I was young when Designing Women was on and I guess I just think of myself as "their age" (at least Charlene and Mary Jo - the Sugarbaker sisters seemed older even then 🙂 but I was shocked to see Jean Smart decked out as Grandma in this series.  And am more shocked to hear that she is 67 in real life!!!  (My own mom is 74 and I am 51 🙂

I thought of them as being my age too - and was delighted to find out I'm a bit younger. Not by a wide margin, but by enough. 😉

On 12/18/2018 at 12:39 AM, lucindabelle said:

connie Britton is 51, so Jean smart at 67 is a little young to be her mom.

A little, but not impossibly so. Plenty of 16 year old girls get pregnant every year. Known a few in my day.

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