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Mob Psycho 100

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Checking to see if everyone is caught up. We're four episodes in, and Mob has only gone 100 percent the one time. Nice contrast that he wants to do good beyond his psychic abilities (prompting him to join the Body Improvement Club), while his little brother would rather have Mob's talents. Oh, and the cult leader asshole entity is sticking around as a smudgy phantom. For this series, that seems about right.

Once again, here are the full opening credits. Catchy, ain't it? "MOB! MOB! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?"

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I binged all of season one a few months ago. I really enjoyed it.

Is there a season two he asked hopefully. 


To be clear...I watched the live action version. Not the anime.

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Trying to figure out why Mob was in that art gallery in the first place. Did I miss something?

The con that the couple was running seems to be a non-sexual variation on the "badger game" con ("You ruined my sister/wife/girlfriend, now pay up or else!")

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The new schedule threw my dvr out of whack. It failed to record Black Clover, JoJo, Naruto, and only picked up the first couple of minutes of Mob. The recap in the Mob wiki is very sparse so any rundown would be greatly appreciated.

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@Terrafamilia . ..does this help?

Okay, so Mob sees his brother and the result of his rampage. Ritsu waves off Dimple, and it looks like it's going to be an all-out fight between brothers . . . except Mob uses understanding, then apologizes to the thugs Ritsu  wrecked. They wake up, see Mob groveling, and basically make him grovel longer and harder. The the hooded ESPer comes in, looking for Ritsu. Actually, he's looking for Mob. That guy whups on the assholes (man, does Japan have free health insurance?) and tries to take Ritsu. Mob fights, things escalate, and Mob goes to 100%. The shit, it is on.

Basically, Mob and the ESPer brawl, with lots of collateral damage and the gang members in awe. Just when Mob goes for the final blow, the ESPer maces him with a gas, putting our all-powerful protagonist out of commission. Yadda yadda yadda, the ESPer takes Ritsu. In the en, we find out he's with an organization called Claw. Yes, that is an ominous name, and they are officially the bad guys, looking to exploit ESPers. In addition to Ritsu, they also nabbed the jamokes from the guy that tried to recruit Ritsu. Oh and the gang members see Mob's jacket disintegrate, revealing a white t-shirt . . . and they conclude he's the Shadow Leader of his school.

(Aside: is it a fact that Japanese kids are more organized about group structures, with secret leaders and anything? All I can hear is Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill shouting, "STUDENTS OF HONOJI ACADEMY!!!!!!!!!!" Good times)

Meanwhile, Mob wakes up and see .. . erm . . . Blond Conehead Guy. You know, the guy whose hair got fucked up by Mob. Anyway, he found Mob after Dimple came to him. Being the loving big brother he is, Mob goes for the rescue mission, even after the beating he took.

Oh, and Reigen uses spa treatments to rid a woman of ghosts. As big a fraud as he appears to be, I will give him credit for going all-in with it.

I hope that was an accurate take of what I just saw.

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1 hour ago, Lantern7 said:

Oh, and Reigen uses spa treatments to rid a woman of ghosts. As big a fraud as he appears to be, I will give hi credit for going all-in with it.

And he actually did some real good in this case.

1 hour ago, Lantern7 said:

(man, does Japan have free health insurance?)

Mostly free, sort of.

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Reigen has some serious bluffing skills. Or "had" if he's dead now.

One wonders why the sword guy started with a toy sword. If I was going to "curse" a weapon into awesomeness, I'd use something that's already useful to start with.

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I was only so-so on this series, until Reigen just blunders through the Claw facility, dispensing totally humane and innocuous advice, charming the pants off the raw recruits, and learning (maybe?) that this stuff is real after all. 

And at the end he goes down after still trying to convince his student to not make a mistake he’ll regret.  He’s a con artist and possibly the best adult role model I’ve ever seen on Toonami, all at once.  Bravo!

In case it wasn’t clear, this ep made the whole series worth it for me. 

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I still think Reigen = Don Kanoji.

This has been a good anime, yes? I'd like to see what's next. Also, a guy on YouTube pitted Mob against Tatsumaki, the cranky lady ESPer from One-Punch Man. Take a look. There's advertising, but you can skip that.

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I posted the one anime-inspired sketch I got in November, but that was before we only had the singular thread. Here’s Mob from Tim Smith 3.


ETA: I’ll try to shrink it once I get on my laptop. Next time, maybe Reigen? With Dimple? Shoot, I can probably draw Dimple. 😜 👻 

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Mob sort of accidentally loans his powers to Reigen, who proceeds to own all of the bad guys forever while lecturing them about what losers they are. Dimple manages to power up by eating all of the other spirits in the Poison Jar, but the main fight is over by the time he gets out. Afterward, mob and Reigen go hunting for a Tsuchinoko, which turns out to have little in common with the traditional description of the beast.

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I never thought I'd like an OP Reigen. I just like the idea of evil psychics getting owned, not being able to deal with some tool dismissing their attacks, with Reigen bitching them out the entire time. The part where he compared not having lunch on a school trip to a psychic having to grow up destitute? Icing.

The season season is currently airing. Here are the opening credits, once again courtesy of Mob Choir.

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In case you didn’t hear, MP100 will replace Demon Slayer in a few weeks. The catch: Toonami will be running the first season. I believe that repeating 13-episode series like that and Paranoia Agent is filler for new material down the line . . . including the second season of MP100.

While I’m here . . . this is the full Death Battle between Mob and Tatsumaki. This is separate from the One-Minute Melee clip I posted last year. There may be spoilers on the second season. Enjoy!


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