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Helpful—and Possibly Unhelpful—Apps

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Here you can post about apps and other technology that might be helpful (or unhelpful) in navigating that high-tech TV. 

Here's my tip: The Samsung Smart TV screen mirroring app is worthless. I should have just set fire to my $5 bill as it would have been a more productive use of the funds. 

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Please try my new skill on your Alexa! I have just created the Series Guru Alexa skill which checks TV series availability on different networks. To use it you can say:


Alexa, open Series Guru. Where can I watch House of Cards?



Alexa, open Series Guru. Is Homeland on Netflix?

This is my first Alexa skill, so I would really appreciate some feedback:

Were there any problems when you talked to Alexa? Did she not understand you? Did she not find the TV series? What did you say?

What other questions do you want Series Guru to answer?

You can also view the skill here (comments/reviews much appreciated):


Thanks a lot,


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