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Supernatural Guess That Episode Game

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Well, if it's not S4, then I'll throw out my initial gut feeling....The French Mistake.


However, something doesn't feel quite right to me...Jared is less bulky than I generally think of him in S6 and well I just don't know, but what the hell, right?

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Is it...crap...that Mayan God episode that Jensen directed back in S8? I'm sorry, I suck at titles and the last few seasons haven't done much to make me actually want to remember them. You know which one I mean though, right?

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"Defending Your Life" is season 7, unfortunately (a low point in that season for me). That Mayan one from season 8 may be "Heartache" (I still use the old episode recap list on TWoP to help with episode names). And the "Because I'm the oldest" episode would be sometime in season 1, I think (?), but I'm having a memory blip on which one, also.


That doesn't mean that I recognize the photo either, of course... ;), so so much for my contribution.

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Thanks, @AwesomO4000, Heartache was indeed the one I was thinking of, but was too lazy to actually look up myself. I know the "because I'm the older brother" was from S1, but I got that kind of deja vu when I first saw it--Sam has sideburns here though, so it can't be Something Wicked. Not S8, hu? Well then that narrows it to S9 for me. Dean has a bit more hair on top and has a bit more scruff than he did in S3 or S4 and Jared doesn't look quite as bulky (although it is hard to judge it properly from this photo) as he did in S4 and S5 and the sideburns were trying to actively eat his face in S6 and S7.


I'm going with I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here.

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What...didn't you see all my work and reasonable reasoning reasons?...sheesh! Hee! ;)


Alright then, how about later in the season to justify some of that scruff on Jensen....Thinman? I vaguely remember a night driving scene starting that one off.


Seriously, am I in the right season even?

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I'll throw a random one out there too, eventually one of us will get it right...A Rock And A Hard Place.


Is this the episode where Sam is really annoyed that he's keeps missing time, or is that Holy Terror?

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Well I suck at picking hard pics,  Yes  you're back up again.


Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester?

Yes you got it!



Looks like @catrox14 beat me too it.  BTW, good job with the other one @7kstar! I knew one of us would eventually get it.

Hey you're doing much better than me.  lol.

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