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S01.E04: My "Brother" William

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From Backformore:

RIGHT!  A better premise would be if they had Matt pretending he was someone else  - an ordinary guy, on a dating show, who couldn't reveal too much about his background beccause of "family concerns".  BUT CALL HIM MATT.  Then the producers  leave fake "hints"  that he might be Harry, letting the women gradually discover the clues and then the women put it together and come up with that conclusion.  Not outright LYING, actually telling the women the truth, but letting them convince themselves that he is royalty.  

things like - he's called away, but accidentally leaves a cell phone where they find it.  Do they snoop?   If so, they see pix of the royal family.  Stuff left in a desk drawer, documents, or in a room they can stumble across - so that the women would be snooping in order to find fake clues, and thinking they were discovering something he was hiding.

Sort of Matt pretending to be Harry pretending to be Matt.   The "winner" is the girl who falls for the "ordinary guy", expecting him to reveal himself to be "Prince Harry", but no, he's just ordinary guy Matt, as he had said all along.


Wow! That's genius (well, if anything associated with this show and that word could ever appear together in one thought!)  Seriously, though, your ideas are so much more interesting and creative and have so much more potential as a reality show that's kind of cute and fun (and maybe not making everyone look so bad). Too bad Ryan Seacrest probably isn't planning to try again after this has bombed so badly. Kudos to you, though, for thinking of all those improvements and "classing" this mess up!

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Yes, plus in the last couple decades in particular "Harry" by itself, as a non-nickname, has become very popular.


So, my question for the British contingent:  Does that mean Harry Potter was really "Henry" Potter?  Don't think that's anywhere in the canon, unless I missed it.

American here, but Harry Potter is a Harry. In the first chapter of the first book, Uncle Vernon asks about him and Aunt Petunia confirms that her nephew is Harry and refers to that as a "nasty common name". "Common" because the "proper" thing to do is to name a child Henry/Margaret/John while relegating Harry/Maggie/Jack to informal/nickname status. In Aunt Petunia's mind, it would be the kind of thing that "people of the right sort" would intrinsically know, so her sister and brother-in-law naming their child Harry is just another sign to her that they're riffraff.


When Prince George's birth certificate was released, it turned out that William and Kate listed their "occupations" as Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom, respectively.


Of course, this show would mix up London Bridge and Tower Bridge, or not give a crap that there's a difference!

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JK Rowling also confirmed separately that he was just Harry and IIRC also confirmed that Ginny wasn't "Virginia" but "Ginervra".

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I know, it's crazy, huh? She's probably picturing herself at a reunion show where the host tells her, "Kelley, you are the winner because you never doubted, not once, that this man is Prince Harry. You kept the faith and are now rewarded as Harry being your boyfriend! How does it feel?"  Poor thing, just wants to love and be loved. She will do whatever is necessary to make sure she's the perfect girlfriend and wife. She's probably already picturing herself going on double dates with Bill & Katie (Will & Kate), sharing a wardrobe with sis-in-law Kate and babysitting Baby George.  Poor Kelley.


And Megan cracks me up to no end, but what is with her calling him "babe"?  I guess she has to call him something since they were never really given a name, but babe?


I'm scared for Kelley, I don't think all the eggs are in the basket with that one.


The "babe" thing is just too annoying, "babe" and calling a kiss a "smooch" over and over and over.  Babe is a pig, and a smooch is something one gives their grandmother.

I assume they took and photoshopped that picture when they first dyed it. I think the issue is that the hair dye is already fading. He was a much darker ginger when they first gave him his makeover. Now it's washing out to his strawberry blonde. I'm surprised the girls haven't noticed, as it's changed since episode 1 to now.


Re the girls liking the real Matt once they find out: I wonder what Matt's personality is really like. Is he truly such a bore, or is he just extremely quiet because he's trying to be prim and proper? Real Harry is known to be wild--and the girls should know this about him. Moreover, so should Matt--and the producers. (I suppose they producers' answer to that was the twerking pool party, yet the limbo was more like a 6-year-old's birthday party.) Other than his rehearsed misleading speech at the end when they cut back and forth between the Crown Suite girl and the booted girl, I don't think I've heard him say more than 3 words together. If he was gregarious and engaging and could manage to show some of his REAL personality, I think it COULD be possible for one of these girls to fall in love with the real him and would want to be with him despite the premise (AKA lie). Maybe it's just editing, but so far we've only seen him give short answers about himself as Henry and then ask the girls about themselves. Granted, they all seem to be pretty self-absorbed so maybe somone who wants to just talk about me is a good thing. (shrug) I mean, I know he said to Katrina when sitting on the bed, "This is the real me"--I suppose as a clue like, when you find out that I'm not Harry, remember this moment that I'm being genuine with you. But he still didn't SAY anything to her. Ok. The real him is making out with her, but she's only making out with him because she thinks he's someone else. Katrina seemed pretty gung ho about out of all of the women in the world, a PRINCE would choose ME, but yet I doubt this professional-European-soccer-player-dater is going to be like, and out of all of the natural gas ditch diggers in the world, I choose YOU, Matt! Pffft.


I think Kelly might be the only one who might still want to date Matt. Surely there HAS to be a romance book out there a la The Notebook about falling in love despite mistaken identity. Although I'm sure the converse of "regular guy"  turns out to be a secret prince would be more likely. Yet, I bet if he was the slightest bit into Kelly, he could spin it as it's a REAL fairy tale because we found True Love in this romantic farce. She's eat up whatever fairy tale he could serve on a platter.


Maggie would be all, "Dude, you just blew my mind! Let's head down to the pub and laugh about this over some pints!"


Megan's dramatic face contortions would just cause her face to fall right off, and Matt would be left asking her skull, "So, is that a maybe?"

I can't blame him really.  I mean, he was used to doing stand-ins in VIP suites as Prince Harry.  It doesn't seem like he has any acting experience, and hasn't tried to milk the whole "I look like Prince Harry" into a full time acting gig of some sort.  They came to him and asked him to do the show.  He probably has a great personality at home with friends and family, but it seems like with this group of women you have to be over the top.  And to me, the show is about the women, I don't really care about his personality, I more care about the drama created by 12 dimbulbs who really think that Prince Harry is on a reality show trying to find love.  It really is a gem of a show, just for that.


LMBO about Kelley -- truer words were never spoken.

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I'm thinking the name is a British thing.


In the US, Hank tends to be a nickname for Henry, not Harry or Hal.  Harry and Hal tend to be nicknames for someone named Harold.  Not that Harold is a very common name here anymore.


That being said, I'm not a royal follower much myself, but I know Harry's birth name is Henry and that they just call him Harry.  


I don't like the premise.  They are trying to deceive the women into thinking he's the Prince Harry.  They are doing it, in part, based upon their likely ignorance of the details:  not knowing that Tower Bridge is not London Bridge, not recognizing the differences in styles & titles, etc, dancing around Matt's identity by sticking photos with William in them around.


For that, I feel sympathy for the women.  There's a concerted effort to deceive them, playing on understandable ignorance.  Plenty of people don't know the proper name for the bridge, for example.  I only found out recently and I'm no history slouch.


But my sympathy only goes so far.  We've all discussed that the premise of the show should be a red flag for any contestant.  There is no way even Prince Harry, with his reputation, would be allowed to choose his wife based on a reality show contest.  Even those of us who don't keep up with his comings and goings know that.


So, there's some kind of suspension of disbelief going on here.  More of the women must know he's not the real prince and are keeping their suspicions to themselves, because, in the end, it's about the notoriety, the money, the fame of being on television, than it is about who gets married.  As stated in above posts, they must be eliminating the women who don't play their cards close to their sleeves.

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Sadly, the season has been cancelled.  But it's available online in it's entirety, so no big problem.  Anyway, some thoughts that I typed up as the show was playing:

Watching the 'mucking the stables' was hilarious.  I've mucked a lot of stables, and they were doing it wrong, except for Kelley.  You don't pick up horse s*** with a shovel if it's mixed up with bedding.  You use an apple picker (a large fork with closely spaced tines)  http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=30e073e0-7b6a-11d5-a192-00b0d0204ae5


Yeah Chelsea, I'm sure you didn't mean anything at all with your comments at lunch.  As you said later, the 'staff' was probably reporting back about Maggie's drinking habits, no need to involve yourself at all.  Was funny, though.


Karina's like, squinty eyes like, really like bug me.


Love the 'security', they really look like what I'd expect royal security to act like, because I've never been anywhere near royal or presidential security.  Well, until that bikini clad girl got a foot from one and danced for him; the break in character was hilarious.


Chelsea, yeah, you're surrounded by catty women you don't really like.  But you're not exactly a ray of sunshine yourself.  Not-Harry, don't fall for it, just let her go.  Chelsea has a hair-trigger temper and she hasn't been bullied, she just knows that she's not on the top of the food chain and she's checking out while damaging as many people as possible on the way out the door.  Besides, she seems to have some rage issues.


Not-Harry, the VO about how terrible it feels to be lying to someone you're really starting to get feelings for while you're making out on the bed is really making me tear up.


Anna Lisa, I feel for you.  The prospect of being transported to England for the 'opportunity' to date Prince Harry is one I'd also suspect.  I'm torn between cheering you on in your quest for the truth and begging you to play along so you can have some more 'royal' fun.


Hilarious that Not-Harry asked Anna Lisa to leave because he claimed that he didn't feel she wasn't 'completely genuine'.  Yeah right.


weird and sad that in this day and age, women are still buying into the cinderella story of "Someday my Prince will come."


I think Kelly might be the only one who might still want to date Matt. Surely there HAS to be a romance book out there a la The Notebook about falling in love despite mistaken identity. Although I'm sure the converse of "regular guy"  turns out to be a secret prince would be more likely. Yet, I bet if he was the slightest bit into Kelly, he could spin it as it's a REAL fairy tale because we found True Love in this romantic farce. She's eat up whatever fairy tale he could serve on a platter.

I blame Barbara Cartland novels.  That's what sucked in Princess Diana, you know.


I could have sworn there was a shot of him crying and saying he just wanted to talk to his mother.


I think that was the girl he was talking to, and I think that girl was Maggie.

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