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S15.E12: Don Johnson, Brendan O'Carroll, John Bishop and Cheryl Cole

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Together on the sofa are singer Cheryl Cole, Miami Vice legend Don Johnson talking about his new movie Cold in July, top comedian John Bishop, the man behind Mrs Brown, Brendan O'Carroll, promoting Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie. Plus music from rock legend Chrissie Hynde, performing her new single You or No-one.
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I admit I wasn't giving this ep my full attention, but I thought it was ok. I wasn't expecting much from Don Johnson, but I liked him well enough. I thought he fit in pretty well.


I couldn't care less about Cheryl Cole.


I like John Bishop, though I have trouble with the accent occasionally. That doppleganger was incredible.


I've seen a clip of the Mrs Brown show, and I'm not impressed. The Brits sure seem to get a big kick out of men dressing as women. The clip that I had seen made me think of the type of shows Ricky Gervais parodied on the last season of Extras. Brendan O'Carroll seems like a nice guy though. Eleven children in a two-bedroom house?!? Whoa.


I watched the video of Chrissie Hynde's song, the one with the man and his dog. It was pretty sweet.

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Cheryl Cole I find astoundingly charm free.


Brendan O'Carroll I actually found to be highly annoying.  I am the last person to chant U S A. But I hate small minded generalizations passed off as wit.  I realized part of my dislike probably stems from finding his show weak and derivative that depends on worn out jokes being funny because it is a dude in a dress.  We have Tyler Perry so I cannot complain too much.  Still found O'Carroll uninteresting.  Maybe I am just too much a weird American. Even if I do know what bollocks means.


Johnson did okay.  Never cared for Bishop and doubt I ever will.  


Weak way to end the season.

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I thought Johnson looked surprisingly well -- he looks a fair bit slimmer than he did in Nash Bridges. A weird invite, I agree. It's not like he's at the height of his showbiz power these days. (Correct me if I'm wrong: was that Sam Shepard and Michael C Hall in that clip? No wonder it's a festival entrant...)


Cole looked like she was still in pain from getting her tattoo -- she was moving awfully gingerly. Plus she seemed a little, ah, medicated. (You'll let me know if that's per usual for her, I trust.)


I like Bishop; he always finds a way to engage the other couchers.


If only Chrissy Hynde would trim her bangs an eighth of an inch, I'd like her so much better. I get hinky watching her, wanting to push that hair out of her eyes.

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A meh show (Cole is so BLAH but I loved her top) but I found Don Johnson charming and gracious. He also seems to be a pretty solid guy, when he talked about how he financially supports his kids if they want to go to college but won't support them laying about. I'm not sure he's had work done (although seemingly almost everyone his age in Hollywood has) but if so, it's not horrific.


Good to see Chrissy still making music, the Pretenders were such a great band. And she too looks good (alhough I get what attica says about the bangs!  But that's always been her thing.

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I thought the episode was hilarious. Accents were a little hard to follow, especially Brendan O'Carroll's, but I loved Don Johnson's reaction to it, and good-natured ribbing all around. I thought Johnson, Cole, and Bishop had good chemistry for being strangers, and I loved how John blamed Don for making him dress like a dick during the Miami Vice years.


I was wondering, too, if Don had had work. If he has, it is so much better than ex-wife Melanie Griffith's work. Her face makes me sad.

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A few years back when he was in that horrifically bad rom com playing the dad (I think it was set in   Rome?) Johnson's face was tighter than a tick during the great caribou migration.  He actually looks to have stepped back from the needle.  He still looks more Asian than he was born looking.  Why men think they can have the eyes done to an extreme and nothing else and no one will notice is beyond me

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I thought it was funny Don Johnson couldn't understand the Irish and Scouse accents.  I've been to Liverpool quite a bit and LOVE the accents, although there's about one in ten who don't have a clue what I'm saying and vice versa. But for Liverpool, John Bishop's accent is pretty middle-of-the-road.  I like him and always look forward to his being on the show; I wouldn't have heard of him without Graham.


I have cousins who really love Mrs. Brown, both sides of the Atlantic.  I don't get it myself, not my taste.  Ditto for Cheryl Cole, although I did enjoy the dancing in her video.

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I have found Cheryl Cole more amusing when she's been on in the past. She was pretty bland this time. Agree with the others that were surprised with how good Don Johnson looked and how funny he was.

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We have Tyler Perry so I cannot complain too much.


Once I saw the clip of Mrs. Brown, I thought this too - it's Irish Madea!  Which is fine, I guess, if not really my thing.


It really was a fair episode; nothing really memorable but not awful.

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