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S08.E06: 1967: A Psych Odyssey


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That episode took an unexpected turn for the sincere at the end. I guess that's the last of Maggie Lawson we'll see until the finale. Hopefully the show ends with Shawn moving to be with her.

It's odd that Kirsten Nelson is still credited as a regular. The scene writing her off was nice at least.

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I knew it was coming, but it was still pretty difficult to watch. Maggie had some incredible scenes in this episode, really. Her goodbye with Shawn, her goodbye with Lassiter (my heartttt) and that last scene of her driving away.

On a shallow note, Tim Omundson rocked the 60s look. Hnnnnng. I think it was the glasses. Although seeing him dead on the table was pretty creepy. Apparently Steve Franks wanted to tweet that shot to everyone before the episode just to fuck with them.

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