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S01.E13: Can't Fix Crazy

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Um, Healy, you don't want Chapman to be gay, let her get married to her boyfriend.  I was sortof hoping Piper would pick Alex.


Can't believe Mendez really thinks Daya's into him.


Nice to see Chapman finally learning to play the prison back scratching game.  Too bad it came too late.  Sure didn't expect Piper to just totally lose her shit like that.  Real bad timing Tyf.


Ooo, real Mexican made tamales.  Those are wonderful.  One thing I miss from living in Los Angeles.


The singing was wonderful and it was very nice to see all the girls get into the Christmas spirit.

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Healy is one dirty bastard.



I will forever think he is the least redeemable person on this show after what he did in this episode.



With the exception of Vee.


Um, Healy, you don't want Chapman to be gay, let her get married to her boyfriend.



He used to not want her to be gay. In this ep, he doesn't want her to be alive or have any happiness because she dared to like having sex with girls.

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Wow..I binge watched the first season and just finished this episode.  All I can say is wow wow wow.  Tiffany is the least likeable inmate as far as I'm concerned. I also hate Healy.


I can't wait to start Season 2 tonight!!!


I wonder if Tiffany is dead.

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