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SNL Outside Projects: From Animal House to Wayne's World

Message added by saoirse

This topic is for discussion of projects for former cast and crew outside of the show  - it may be an SNL related project or not!

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Chris Parnell is in a new VR film.

Pete Davidson is performing socially distanced standup sets with John Mulaney and Mike Birbiglia. 


Adam Sandler's upcoming Netflix film has appearances from Rob Schneider, Colin Quinn, Maya Rudolph, Tim Meadows, Mikey Day, Melissa Villasenor, Kenan Thompson, and hosts Steve Buscemi and Ray Liotta. 


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Maya on Jimmy's show.

(there are three clips)

Andy Samberg is doing a 'weed superhero' movie with Common (who appeared with him in a Blizzardman sketch back in the day).


Jeff Richards' podcast has an interview with Darrell Hammond.


Jason Sudeikis on Drew Barrymore's show last week. 

(there are two clips)

Bill Hader is doing another animated film.


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Leslie Jones talks a bit about Supermarket Sweep and why she doesn't miss SNL.


David Koechner, Laraine Newman, Tim Meadows, Bob Odenkirk, among others, will be performing Plan 9 From Outer Space.


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Noel Wells recently appeared on Brooks Whelan's podcast (Entry Level with Brooks Whelan). 

Sarah Cooper's new Netflix special, Everything's Fine, was produced by Paula Pell and Maya Rudolph (among others), and features cameos from a number of SNL cast members and hosts. 

Adam Sandler has another film in the works.


Alex Moffat is in Holidate, recently starting on Netflix. I read he may also be in the Hocus Pocus event happening tonight...

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Leslie Jones was on Seth's show last night (they talk about politics so I'm not sure the video can be linked here). 

In Leslie's most recent Supermarket Sweep episode, she told a contestant named Cecily that Cecily was one of her favorite names. Cecily Strong mentioned on Instagram that Leslie had told her about it before the episode aired. 

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This would be a backwards move for John at any other time, but I imagine now he'll take work wherever he can get it. It's a steady paycheck in an otherwise uncertain world.

This isn't anything against Seth's show, he's my favorite of the current network late night hosts and I'm excited to see what John brings to the table, but it would be a strange thing for an accomplished stand-up like John to do during non-corona times.

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2 hours ago, helenamonster said:

This would be a backwards move for John at any other time, but I imagine now he'll take work wherever he can get it. It's a steady paycheck in an otherwise uncertain world.

This isn't anything against Seth's show, he's my favorite of the current network late night hosts and I'm excited to see what John brings to the table, but it would be a strange thing for an accomplished stand-up like John to do during non-corona times.

Seth's show is the main one I enjoy in late night, but I agree it's a step backward - it was a very sobering moment for me because it reinforced just how uncertain things must be if even someone in Mulaney's position is having to reorient that way. It does make more clear why a few former SNL writers who have gone on to better things popped back into the credits this season. I wonder if John may as well.

New Colin Quinn comedy special (also featuring current SNL writer Sam Jay).

Jason Sudeikis talks to Morning Joe - this charity event also features Will Forte and Seth Meyers.


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Emily Spivey talks a bit to Seth about her show with Maya and Kristen (Bless the Harts), along with various SNL stories.

Colin Quinn talks more about his upcoming special, and shares SNL stories.

Oz Rodriguez gets a production deal.


More on Vanessa Bayer's pilot with Molly Shannon.


Alan Zweibel Q&A.



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(there's also another Jimmy and Colin Quinn video on the channel)

This is about 22 years old, but Conan O'Brien's Youtube channel recently uploaded one of Amy Poehler's old bits as Andy Richter's sister.

(there are several other videos like this on Conan's channel)

Tim Meadows recently bought Chris Farley's motorcycle.


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Jane Curtin is in the recent Disney+ movie Godmothered. She talks about her various roles here.


Tina Fey was on a Broadway special that aired on NBC tonight. Her new show Mr. Mayor, which also features Bobby Moynihan, is starting in January.

John Mulaney and Andy Samberg will be in a new version of Chip and Dale.

Rachel Dratch podcasts.

(Darrell also had recent podcasts with Moynihan, Colin Quinn, and two-time host Dane Cook)


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I’ve now seen Wonder Woman 1984, and although I don’t think that it is a good movie overall (sadly), I think Kristen Wiig was very good in it (working from a pretty trite and unfocused script for her character).  I thought she actually did better than Pedro Pascal with the material that they were given.  I’m happy for her that she continues to pull in high-profile movie projects.

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On 12/29/2020 at 2:16 PM, Peace 47 said:

I think Kristen Wiig was very good in it (working from a pretty trite and unfocused script for her character).  I thought she actually did better than Pedro Pascal with the material that they were given.

I agree with this completely. I think she was one of the very best things about the movie. She also did very well in  her fight/action scenes, which was something new for her. And even though the comedy is there, I thought she was chilling in a few places like when she told a guy to "mind his business."

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Coming 2 America has premiered - starring Eddie Murphy, written by his longtime co-writers (and former SNL writers) Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield, and featuring Tracy Morgan and Leslie Jones. 

Leslie also appears in Netflix's Death to 2020 special.

Steve Buscemi recently had a virtual fireside chat for charity, with appearances by Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Colin Quinn, Tim Meadows, Kenan Thompson, and current SNL writer Dan Bulla.


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I forgot to mention yesterday that Cheri Oteri reprised her turn as Baba Wawa on CNN's New Year's Eve special.

(I know some last year found that impression to be in poor taste so I won't share the Twitter video, but it's on there if you want to see it)

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Ellen Cleghorne on the Jeff Richards podcast. She reveals that she is filming at least two episodes of Michael Che's upcoming sketch show.


Bobby Moynihan on Seth's show (there are two clips)

Bobby podcast interview.


Chris Rock on Colbert (there are two clips).

Ana Gasteyer has a sitcom in the works.

Recent Colin Quinn podcast interview.


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I knew absolutely nothing about Kenan’s new show before clicking “play” on that 20-second promo, @Pete Martell (just hadn’t bothered to follow any news on it) and so I was wondering what Don Johnson’s character was to Kenan to refer to “we were having a break-in” (roommate, father to biracial Kenan, employee, etc.), so I looked up the premise.  Lol, how is this show not 2020s Full House?   Talk show host Kenan struggles to raise his daughters after his wife’s death with help from two male family members (father-in-law and brother).  Sounds and looks pretty derivative, but hopefully I’m wrong.  I wish Kenan the best, as he seems like a good egg.

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Vanessa Bayer on Andy Cohen (there are three clips):

Jenny Slate on Kimmel:

Jay Pharoah on Conan (two clips):

Tracy Morgan, Kenan and Will Ferrell were in Super Bowl ads (along with the aforementioned Wayne's World ads).

Bobby Moynihan podcast interview.


Brooklyn 99 is ending.


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Another Bill Hader podcast:

Chris Redd and writer Sam Jay have a new project at Peacock.

Various Audible projects in the works for Redd, Pete Davidson, Mikey Day, Chloe Fineman, Bowen Yang, and writer Will Stephen.


Amy Poehler profile in the New York Times.


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Jason Sudeikis got a Golden Globe for Ted Lasso (along with some hand-wringing about whether he was not dressed up enough since we clearly don't have real problems to deal with right now).

Maya and Kenan also made an appearance, with Kenan bringing back some Jean K Jean for us one last time.

Kristen Wiig also presented (not sure if video is around):

Bill Murray:

Kristen on Corden's show (there are three videos):

Jon Lovitz is on Cameo and one he made recently went somewhat viral:


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Sasheer Zamata has a new sitcom out with one-time host Topher Grace. 


Sasheer, Fred Armisen, Jay Pharaoh, and former SNL writer/host Conan O'Brien also have a new animated film in the works.


The Pole, another animated series featuring Sasheer, Colin Jost, Bobby Moynihan, and former SNL writer Jillian Bell, is airing at present. 


Bobby's show with Tina Fey, Mr. Mayor, is getting a second season.


Bill Hader at SXSW:


Jason Sudeikis recently appeared as Ted Lasso on a FIFA gaming show.


Pete Davidson is a commentator on a celebrity boxing match.


The Suicide Squad trailer is also out. 

Speaking of DC superhero movies, Leslie Jones had a funny watchalong with Zack Snyder's Justice League. I won't post any of them, because of spoilers, but the hashtag was #longassmovie.

Dana Carvey was on Colbert earlier this week, and went viral for his Biden impression.

Colbert also had an interview (from around the Super Bowl) with Robert Downey Jr that he aired this past week.


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