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This game will ruin your life. It can also make you rich, poor, unemployed, famous or universally despised. Since The International 4 is coming up, and it's basically like a short season of a TV show, I'm curious if there are other people here who shall be watching.

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Dota 2 is the Community of video games. It has the highest highs (winning a really long, but close game) but also the lowest lows (getting stomped by the other team and getting called foreign expletives by your team.) 


I'll definitely watch The International 4, I saw 2 and 3 and there were some amazingly hype moments. 

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Hey guys, I play in Dota 2 years. And I had no time to feel sorry for playing in him. Yes, I agree that I waste a lot of time, but during this time as I play, I relax.

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Personally, I am playing Dota2 in dota2-boost.com. Did you guys try it? How is your impression? For me it is perfect. Here I can monitor the progress of my boost from my personal account, including detailed statistics of past matches. Besides this, while my account is at work, I can chat with my booster. This is my chance to learn something new from a professional and get useful tips.
I don't know, for me is perfect, but how it is for you?

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