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S28: Jeremiah Wood: Beauty

David T. Cole
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If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why? A North Carolina flag—it’s where I was born and raised and is the greatest state; my softball jersey—the name of the team is my brother’s nickname and he is the one who taught me to be a strong competitor and never quit; and a letter from my mom—she is my hero and has taught me to be the person I am today.

How many days did he spend on that bullshit?


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You know how some people look amazing in photographs but not on video, and vice-versa?  Jeremiah, to me, is a real example of the former.  To take a page from Morgan, I would probably not have guessed he would be on the Beauty tribe, just from the show.  I haven't googled him as suggested, but I did see some still photos--from Survivor--and wow, he looks amazing!  TV did not do him justice. 

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As someone who usually dislikes the token beautiful/hot castaways by default (I've been conditioned by TPTB to expect brattiness), my Jeremiah love kind of sneaked up on me.  I was totally unimpressed with him up until the Jefra headbutt incident when he fell all over himself apologizing, and after checking out some secret scenes and extended confessionals, this guy is a hoot.  I can't decide whether his accent really IS that twangy or if he's just laying it on thick for the cameras, but his commentary on the reward with Tony and Spencer had me cracking up, specifically the massage part.




"Wear it out!"  Indeed! And of course just when I decide I like this guy, he gets the boot. Meh.

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