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S28.E01: Hot Girl With a Grudge

David T. Cole
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Oh, Garrett.  You don't know the difference between me and I.  You have the scheming ability of a newborn panda.  You would have probably quit the game anyway in about three days.  I am so glad you were around long enough for me to hate you.  And I am so glad that you are now gone.

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Oy, if this episode is indicative of how the season is going to go, I am really not looking forward to Probst making it into a referendum on the value of intelligence vs. muscles, hollering "NERD!" at every opportunity, etc. I think the "Brains" tribe needs an asterisk on it, with a footnote reading, "you know, comparatively speaking--within the subset of people who will show up for a reality show."

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Does anyone else think that the woman doing the last puzzle for the brain tribe didn't realize that the puzzle pieces on the board could spin? Because I don't really understand how she only got 2 pieces in.

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