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Since there isn't a Cast in Other Roles, etc. thread, Shoeguy got married in real life


Funny thing, he's the only actor to land a lead on a hit show on a major network (This is Us) after Mistresses.

The actress that played Joss currently has a guest starring role on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but Rochelle Aytes, and Yunjin Kim haven't done much since the show ended (or since she left the show in Alyssa Milano's case)

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I watched Season 3 over the last week, and I actually enjoyed it as campy as it was. 

I had stopped watching after Season 2 way back when, and I had noticed "Mistresses" was on the streaming service I joined, but I never bothered to catch up.  But the series is leaving the streaming service at the end of this month, so I decided it's now or never.

The main characters are seriously all lacking intelligence half of the time, so it was fun to visit this thread to read everyone's reactions after each episode.  It has been so long that I couldn't remember the plotlines from Season 2 very well, and maybe because of that, I didn't miss Savi at all. 

Calista (and her friendship with Joss) grew on me, so I felt a bit bad for her at the end, though she really screwed Joss over.  The police detectives on this show are just horrible.  Joss' decision to visit Calista's house at the end to investigate was idiotic, and I didn't feel that satisfied by how this murder mystery ended.  I was reading this interview about how they cut scenes because they didn't want to make the murderer too obvious, but we hardly even knew Wilson the Assistant, so that really reduced any impact of their reveal.  I thought it was weird how much screentime they gave the lawyer guy, and the whole bit about Harry being suspicious of him went nowhere, so I wonder if they had planned something else but changed their minds.

I mostly started watching this show because I liked Yujin Kim from "Lost".  Her storyline this season was pretty bad.  I thought Vivian was creepy and Alec was so stoic that he had zero chemistry.  But I guess I still enjoyed watching Karen and her friendship with April and Joss.  She has good comedic chops that she rarely got to display on "Lost" (heck, she hardly got to do anything on "Lost" in the last season and a half).

The worst part of April's storyline was that bratty daughter Lucy.  Marc grew on me too.  He did have a boyish charm about him and his earnestness was cute, but he really seemed like a little brother to April.  It was interesting they tried to bring Harry more into the fold by making him become friends with Marc.  Though it was a bit icky how Harry let Marc have a one-night stand in his bed and he wanted to know the details.  I didn't feel much chemistry between Harry and Ari the agent.  Her hairstyle reminded me of the woman in the TV show "Providence".  I never watched it but her frizzy hair was quite distinctive in all the TV commercials.  

Anyway, I'll watch Season 4 soon.  I ended up watching 2-3 episodes of Season 3 at a time.

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I just realized I only have 4 days to watch Season 4 before it leaves the streaming service I'm on, so I watched the first four episodes today.  

I'm finding this season quite tedious.  The plotlines are mundane, and Harry's sister is boring and unlikeable.  I actually liked Callista in the first few episodes last season.

So last year, Joss got involved with a rich psycho, and I'm guessing it's Harry's turn this year?  

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I finally finished this series.

This fourth season wasn't as entertaining as the third season, though I think it got slightly better midway through.  The Joss PTSD was dragged out, and they made it seem like there would be some big reveal in her flashback.  The Harry/business partner stuff was boring and didn't lead to anything.  I actually liked Mark, though the domestic issues weren't scintillating (and Lucy was still annoying to watch). 

Harry's sister was a mis-fire.  I did think she had chemistry with the guy who played Scott, but then they had him still in love with Joss, which made it into tiresome retread again.  After that, the sister went back to being a drag.

The interview said that the actress who played Karen was told she would be killed off from the beginning of the season, so why was there no real build-up to her demise.   I started watching this show since I liked the actress from "Lost", so that would have made me a lot less interested in Season 5.  If they were re-casting Karen, shouldn't they have chosen another Korean actress?   It seemed like a retcon that Lydia had no friends, since she was introduced by the manny at the beginning of the year.  Plus I figured she was just using Karen's picture but communicating as herself.  It was weird she was sitting at the funeral when Joss was talking about "justice" in her eulogy.  

The Writers took a chance that they would get renewed for a final season, according to the interviews, which was pretty reckless.  They could have had a happy ending for Karen.  I actually liked her with the new guy.  The fast-forward stuff in the final episode was very boring.  Mark and the baby was dull, and Joss and Harry were back to non-communicative in that irritating surprise son! plot.  

I knew Karen would be killed off beforehand, so I guess there were some foreshadowing.  Karen told Lydia a few episodes ago that should would help her "if it is the last thing I do".

So overall, I think it's for the best the series was cancelled.  I watched the pilot again after this, and it was sort of funny the parallels.  There was a funeral in the first episode, and Savi said to Karen, "Where were you?  I thought you were dead!" and April was talking about ghosts.

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