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S01.E18: The Apartment

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I just thought I'd share that the reference to Gina and Peralta growing up together is actually probably rooted in the fact that the two actors (Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti) actually did grow up together.


Check it: elle-andy-samberg-chelsea-peretti.jpg

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That. Is. Awesome.

Have they mentioned Peralta and Gina growing up together before? If so, I missed it.

Really enjoyed this episode. Santiago facing her greatest weakness - well done. The hair - okay, I'm still gagging thinking about it. Scully and Hitchcock - congrats on the uptick in arrests!

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First of all, that picture is AMAZING

Second, it was nice to see Rosa/Boyle having a moment where it seemed like they were (for now) letting that romance die in favor of a friendship. They had a great dynamic. I also liked how no one questioned why Boyle had a huge bag of other people's hair on hand

In general the character pairings this episode were great. It was nice to see Gina have a 90% lucid episode where she got to play the straight man for once. I had to suspend my disbelief over the cost of the condo - that place looked way too nice for someone to afford at the price they quoted. Still, the Gina/Jake pairing was more entertaining than I expected.

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I just rewatched the cold open -  I had totally forgotten about Peralta calling Holt "Dad".  I love the whole sequence, particularly the running gag of the overly-invested perps, but absolutely ADORE Holt offering to play catch with Jake and Jake's response of "I'd like that."  Samberg really sold that line.

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Soooo... I have a real-life exam coming up that I'm super stressed for so I'm being really grown up and dealing with my stress in a reasonable way: avoiding studying by watching B99 and reading these boards constantly.  So my stress levels are now manifesting as constant low-level nausea and I have a burning need to talk about B99 at all times.


Just rewatched The Apartment.  This episode had a few more logical flaws than some others but I still love it.  Jake is a bit more ridiculous than usual -- the mail tub, the going-to-a-loan-shark (I really hope he returned that money ASAP and isn't continuing under that added debt), followed by Jake being able to "run the numbers" to determine that Gina would make a profit (which, incidentally, I don't think she could in the short term).  (Also, I hope there was a second bathtub/shower somewhere in that apartment.)  Although, the montage of apartment-hunting was hilarious and sadly relatable.


But I love Santiago's evaluation -- every part of it but particularly when Jake runs through all of her flaws and then reveals that he found her list.  (Although, to be super nitpicky, she complains about Jake "smelling like an ashtray" in Old School so it's a bit odd to reveal that she actually stress-smokes.)


Also, Andre Braugher's gravitas is amazing.  "Proud, mama hen." indeed!!

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