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S10.E03: Boyz II Andi

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Thoughts on the performance: Bradley had surprisingly bad breath control as a singer but particularly for an opera singer. Eric wasn't that bad. I thought he was cute and he sort of hit the notes. Cody was way flat. And then everything went horribly horribly wrong. Oh, poor Brian. Marcel may be the handsomest black guy I've ever seen fail so badly at singing on TV. There were highs and lows. Ron and Josh were in the middle ground of awful and Andrew brought it back down. Oh, God, Patrick. You're so good looking. But never sing again. Not even Happy Birthday. 


Shawn made the best faces.


That was such a stupid trick for Andi to play on Cody. She's a decent actress... at least as far as Bachelorette drama goes which means she just made herself seem less trustworthy (smart move?). Also, she has a stupid sense of humor. How was "and she's a stripper" a punchline?


"Favorite color?" "Is black a color?" "OK. Duly noted." WHAT? Oh my God, so stupid. Did she think about that at all?


Andi may have pranked Cody but she and Josh M are the ones who are playing games. 

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Were JJ's nipples unusually perky when he was in the T-shirt? Anyway, it was a stupid date. They should have just gone with how stupid it was and make it a Face Off or Jackass: Bad Grandpa crossover. Obviously they kept her very pretty, skipping a lot of the old age appliances and letting her keep the fake lashes. I did think they did a nice job with some of the fine wrinkles though. At least it wasn't the awful community theatre stuff we did in high school where you wrinkle your brow and then paint on lines. Although, the airbrushing on his forehead wasn't great. I don't think it would have passed muster on Face Off. They didn't really have any sagging or work hard to mimic the way skin looks when it ages and loses its elasticity. She really doesn't seem into him. She does not seem attracted to him at all. Yet I think he has the genuine kind of awkwardness that Nick doesn't have. 


Stupid Nick with his stupid flowers! I love Eric. I do think he's getting a little needy because he was spoiled on the first day and she hasn't been interacting with him much since then. But still. Stupid Nick.


Lol at the dramatic "chase" around the house.


Wait, so anytime you execute a plan it's like "warfare"? That's almost as good as Kimberly on I Want to Marry Harry who believes anything she has never seen for herself is equivalent to a "unicorn".


I only wonder that it took her this long to eliminate Brett and Bradley. Especially over the firefighter last week. Did he do something awful that we didn't see or was she just really not attracted to him?

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I think what bothered me more about the old person date was them expecting strangers in the park to a) buy that they are really old people instead of young people in makeup; and b) be SHOCKED when the old people proved they weren't really that old.  Ugh.  Loved the fact that most of the people in the park gave them a WTH look and then turned away.

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Loved the fact that most of the people in the park gave them a WTH look and then turned away.


I think this was the only thing I could stand about this date. I don't know if the people in the park thought the date was as offensive as I found it, but at least for the most part the people in the park didn't give them the attention they were seeking. The looks on peoples faces in the park cracked me up.

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Uh yeah, WTF was that? Since when is black not a color? I'm really baffled by what Andi was going for there.

Black is a combination of all colors when seen visually, but an absence of light on the spectrum.  White is the opposite.  The absence of light when seen visually, but a combination of all colors on the light spectrum. 

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