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The first all-star season had 11 competitors eliminated one at a time, with gender not a factor. The top 6 were Lauren Froderman and 5 guys. Injuries kind of messed with things in that season, though.

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Interesting that they are going to disregard gender in the eliminations. High time, I think. I always felt that if they didn't disregard gender in the eliminations, then they shouldn't disregard it in the prize (I really liked the year they had a female and a male winner - or was that just a dream I had?)

They had double winners two seasons in a row. In S9, both Eliana and Chehon won. The following season, both Amy and Fik Shun won.
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2015 Emmy nominations:

Outstanding Reality Competition Program

Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program - Cat Deeley


In the Creative Arts Emmys, there are three choreography nominations:

Spencer Liff - Hernando’s Hideaway / World On A String / Maybe This
Sonya Tayeh - Vow / So Broken / Europe, After The Rain
Travis Wall - Wave / When I Go / Wind Beneath My Wings

(Witney Carson has also been nominated for DWTS but since she is a SYTYCD alumna I thought I would mention that too!)

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There's going to be an extra episode this Tuesday to celebrate SYTYCD's 10th year. It's supposed to feature live performances from dancers/choreographers from past seasons + favorite (taped?) routines. Alex Wong is performing, and I hope we see Get Outta Your Mind again (yes, I know I can watch it on YouTube any time....). Probably the only thing that would make me lose my own mind would be seeing Danny Tidwell live, and that's not going to happen, but it should be fun, anyway.

1 hour - 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, 7:00 p.m. CT/MT/HT

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I need Tuesday's show thread up, viz:




TRAVIS WALL ‏@traviswall  12h12 hours ago
Can't wait for Tuesday's @DANCEonFOX 10th Anniversary show! I'm dancing & choreographed the opening ALLSTAR Number. PLUS the BENCH routine!


Not the friggin bench dance AGAIN.


Also, Mary is going nuts posting pics of SYTYCD behind the scenes stuff on Twitter - some very cool photos and a lot of blurry ones.  If she feels any resentment about being shuffled out, it doesn't show.



Stephen tWitch Boss ‏@official_tWitch  12h12 hours ago
And the cast of dancers for this anniversary episode of #Sytycd @DANCEonFOX! #triplewow You won't wanna miss this!
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Having lost the monster Danny Tidwell thread at TWoP, it's good to be on twitter and see Danny tweeting - this one made me squee:




Danny Tidwell ‏@TidwellDanny  Jul 22

Anya Garnis ‏@AnyaGarnisLA  12h12 hours ago
Anya Garnis retweeted SCD Support Group
Thank you so much! 
Anya Garnis added,
SCD Support Group @scd_support
It’s #throwbackthursday time & we’ve fallen in love with this beautiful Rumba from @peerobinson @anyagarnisla



So nice to know that Danny and Anya have kept in touch a little.  I loved their partnership.

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Holy crap, Anya is incredible there.  It looks like she can move faster than a baseball pitcher's arm!  Thank you very much, crowceilidh.


I finally realized something about Anya that always threw me off on the show.  She is very internally expressive.  I think I got confused when she did not really mug for the camera like many ballroom dancers.  She always looked like she was completely centered on Pasha, or Danny, or the dance itself ... not so much the audience.  


I find it very appealing now.

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I've been missing the easy access to the post show interviews that used to be posted on TWOP in the "Dancer" threads. They gave us a different POV than what is provided by the producers of the show. I've decided to try to bring some here at least:


From DancePlugNetwork (with Tara Jean Popowich - winner of S02 SYTYCDCA- interviewing):


Gabby & Ariana  (7 min) Ariana has stage training (gasp)

Kate & Neptune (6.5 min) They comment on the Twitter voting. Neptune has a 4 yr old daughter which might explain the discomfort at Jason's "chemistry" comment.

Marissa & Asaf (5.5 min) English-as-a-second-language is definitely an issue, but they are both great personalities.

Megz & Jim (5.5 min) Megz actually auditioned back in S02 and S05 and made it to Vegas but she stated she didn't "have the look" required back then.

Yorelis, JJ & Edson (4.5 min) This group seems a bit wary of interviews but maybe something is up for next week?

Jaja, Alexia & Derek (5 min) Derek is "shy", Jaja is "loud" & Alexia can never decide what food to order.

Burim & Moises (6 min) Moises tries to put a positive spin of his exit. Burim had no expectations. They're kind of cute.

Hailee & Virgil (5.5 min) Still on a high after their performance. Virgil roomed with Burim (who wears Calvin Kline underwear), and his robot voice was based on Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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I just watched this week's Afterbuzz.  Spencer Liff  was the guest.  He was VERY honest.  Worth a listen, especially about Asaf


Yes! Lots of interesting tidbits from Spencer in this one.:


- The choreographers ARE required to adjust their plans based on which group (2-, 3- or 4- some) draws them. He thought that may have happened to Stacey Tookey's routine

- He felt Jean Marc was thrown under the bus by Nigel blaming him for the lack of cha cha when Nigel knows JM will do what it takes to make his dancers look their best. Also thought Marissa was unfairly critiqued

- Felt Asaf was kept because he's one of the few contestants that brings "personality" (TV wise but basically confirming what we've been saying) and knew if it came down to a choice between Asaf and Burim that they would choose Asaf.

- he would have chosen Edson as well over Moises because 1) Moises is short, and 2) he has a difficulty bringing the masculinity required by most choreographers for their routines (which he said kind of apologetically "it is what it is").

- his issue with Asaf is that he has NO other training and when you add the language barrier Asaf takes all the energy from the room (instead of adding to it). Any routine he's in will be less than it could be and the other dancers won't be able to be their best.

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Thanks for recapping the comments.   


With Asaf, I feel his 'it is what it is' comment applies there.  Moises can't provide traditional masculinity, Asaf has challenges.  It is what it is. 


The choreography comment I find more interesting.  I guess I'd never thought too much about whether they come in with a plan and adjust or just produce something on the fly.  Maybe they all have to be a little looser now, which I think could give them and the show a nice creative jolt.  There are only so many stories with two people, maybe have some in your backpocket with 3 or 4.

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Thanks for reporting the details from Spencer's afterbuzz.  I just can't watch that show anymore.


I treated it like radio. I only listened. Made the whole thing much more enjoyable. I'd turn my attention more when Spencer was talking and do other things in between. That may explain why I remembered so much. ;-P

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Here are interviews from some choreographers:


From DancePlugNetwork (with Tara Jean Popowich - winner of S02 SYTYCDCA- interviewing):


Jean Marc Genereux (9.75 min) Good to hear his perspective. He's got an interesting perspective, but he's always positive. Talks about Marissa & Asaf but moves on to other dancers as well. Wrote a book about his life with his wife, France. Is still a judge on DWTS in France (the country).

Marty Kudelka & Justin Giles (7 min) Both are from Dallas and are friends. (Sidebar: from the Afterbuzz show I was reminded that Marty has been Justin Timberlake's long time choreographer and has  also worked with Jason Derulo. I also learned that Justin was Nick Lazzerini's (sp?) teacher.) Seems their contact with any contestants they don't work with is limited to dress rehearsals and the live show.) 

Tovaris Wilson (3 min) Good things to say about JJ and Yorelis. Mentioned Edson's physical challenges affected the synergy of the group.


tWitch (mentor) (5 min) clarifies that they mentor off camera as well and that Travis & Ivan served as a kind of mentor to him on his season.


From PacificRimVideoPress:

Pharside & Pheonix  (3+min) They don't come with their routines planned in advance. They work with who they get.

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Why are people only talking about the Afterbuzz with Spencer but no one is linking it? Is the link not allowed on the forums?


Don't know the answer to this. I was just discussing it. Here's your link. If it's not allowed I'm sure I'll be told (we don't seem to have an "ask the Mods" thread for this show).

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I'd turn my attention more when Spencer was talking and do other things in between.


I followed your advice and this is the first time I've ever made it (mostly) through an Afterbuzz. I appreciated Spencer's honesty, although he had some of that ballet/jazz/modern/contemporary technical training is the real technical training attitude slipping through his comments. I was surprised how harsh he was to Burim's appearance, though, when discussing Asaf versus Burim. I thought Burim was just as attractive as Asaf and just as likely to have had his casting influenced by appearance. I always thought in that round where Burim's brother got cut that Burim's brother had clearly performed the choreography better and was picking up the choreography better. He just wasn't as "camera ready". 

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I always thought in that round where Burim's brother got cut that Burim's brother had clearly performed the choreography better and was picking up the choreography better. He just wasn't as "camera ready".



I thought he did better at the choreography, too, but decided it was only because we saw small snippets and that Burim must have been better overall.  But your speculation makes more sense :)  I for one would love to see fewer "camera-ready" dancers and more great dancers that don't have to look a certain way.

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You can also listen to AfterBuzz as a podcast, so you don't have to sit and watch the video, but listen wherever you want (I read above that someone found the video annoying.). I listen to all of them that way (plus other AfterBuzz shows). I found them on iTunes.

I enjoY listening to them, because the guests give me a different perspective on the show, and insider info. Expands my enjoyment of SYTICD.

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Thanks for the link. I think I have a crush on Spencer. :P


I always thought in that round where Burim's brother got cut that Burim's brother had clearly performed the choreography better and was picking up the choreography better. He just wasn't as "camera ready". 


They should have chosen Illjaz (Burim's brother) to take Hurrican's spot instead. Illjaz did better in choreography yet he wasn't even given the chance to dance for his life. Maybe he should have made a big fuss about SYTYC Entertain in 2015!

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Dave Scott had a few words to say on Afterbuzz this week regarding Asaf's attitude and argumentativeness.  I tried to link but paste isn't working for me right now for some reason.

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Top 16 > Top 14


Post show interviews by DancePlug with the remaining dancers:


Virgil & Gaby:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wphj54e2X2Y


Edson & Megz: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlTGIwDzu_Q

(starts with a lot of shoe talk but then gets down to the dance)


Yorelis:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQjfxw6kPFM

(she explains - at the end - what the tape on the shoulder does for the dancers)


Neptune & Alexia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQjfxw6kPFM

(explained the wall dancing was a last minute change due to a producer request to use the "prop" more)

Turns out I kind of like Alexia's voice. It's strong and not little girly like I would have expected.


JaJa & Hailee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4cVqWlIrBY


Derek & JJ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSd-a40COGo


Jim & Ariana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-45wjWTXOXU


Kate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9B8WkRXCGU

OK, she has the high, little girly voice that I expected from Alexia. Too bad.


A few of the dancers commented that they weren't going to know what dances they get until today (Wednesday). Hmmm. Something's up.




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DancePlug interviews, Judges:


Paula Abdul


Jason Derulo

mostly about Jason Derulo


DancePlug Interview, Choreographers:


Nick Florez & RJ Durrell (opening Group Number)


Travis Wall (Team Stage Group Dance)

(He was disappointed the Twitter voters chose to save someone who didn't dance, felt those who worked hard for it should have got the benefit of that save.)


Luam (Team Street Group Dance)


Miriam & Leonardo

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From tWitch's Blog:  I especially appreciated his comments about Marissa and Yorelis.  Love that his enthusiasm for bringing his style to the stage dancers shines through.  And my feeling of regret that Marissa was eliminated before Top 10 intensifies.  She deserved that.


Marissa and Yorelis: This is another one that I wish I would have been in. That’s probably a secret dream of mine, to hypnotize all of the Stage dancers and take them all onto my team, so the subliminal message in that one was deep for me. But I thought it was fantastic, and I have to say that even in the midst of her elimination, Marissa did incredibly, taking on a routine where Chris Scott was (a) choreographing to Dubstep, and (b) choreographing for a Street dancer who’s able to do animation. That is probably one of the most difficult street styles that you’ll ever witness, and Marissa took it on like a champ. And it was a great comeback from last week.
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Afterbuzz for Ep 11 Top 14 elimination to 10.


A mystery solved: they pick partners out of a hat, choreographers and dances are assigned. Very easy to throw someone under the bus, especially if the choreographer is willing to play along.

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Afterbuzz for Ep 11 Top 14 elimination to 10.


Another mystery solved (at least for me): choreographers can request to work with particular dancers.

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That also explains how they've "coincidentally" avoided any male-male (or female-female) ballroom pairings.  That and having barely any ballroom at all this season.  :-p

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A mystery solved: they pick partners out of a hat, choreographers and dances are assigned. Very easy to throw someone under the bus, especially if the choreographer is willing to play along.


I thought so too when Cloe (?) said that, BUT then this week - the one they were discussing - Cat specifically stated that "last week the contestants from team street and team stage were paired up once again and picked a dance style randomly from the hat". (Verbatim  from Cat- she was in the audience just before Hailee and Virgil's routine.) That would mean that Hailee and Virgil dancing together again was down to producer decision making.


It wasn't Paul or Mackenzie who said how the partners/choreography was chosen, it was one of the Afterbuzz people (I can't remember who's who) who said she was hearing that "this season they are pulling partners out of a hat" not the dances. "Was hearing" sounds more like she was speculating from what she's heard - like we do - rather than fact.


So I don't think we can say the mystery is actually solved.  I think things probably change from week to week. Random dance styles sometimes, random partners others.


What confuses me is that after the show last week, during the contestant interviews, some of the dancers said they wouldn't know which dance styles they would be getting until Wednesday (and we've been told by someone that Tuesdays they learn/rehearse the group numbers so duet rehearsals start on Wednesdays). Add that to Cat saying they randomly chose their styles this week and there is still a mystery (for us - IMHO).  Perhaps they hadn't finalized all the choreographers as of Monday night, but it's sure makes you want to don your tinfoil hat and head out to the grassy knoll.


I've said this before, but there are a LOT of ways for TPTB to influence how the audience perceives contestants, and therefore influence votes. Paul, in particular, repeated the point about packages and that the producers choose from a lot of footage to make the point they want to make in the packages. Mackenzie even added they are sometimes told what they are to say.


Although Afterbuzz often annoys me, when they have actual participants on - be they dancers or choreographers - we get more insight into what goes on behind the scenes. That's what keeps me listening. Paul & Mackenzie said a lot of interesting things this week. It's worth a listen. I just don't think we're going to get any definitive answers.

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I didn't watch After Buzz so I don't have any comment on that.  But what the judges say is another way to influence votes.  For example, on Monday, Nigel mentioned that Virgil's lack of technique is showing.  He never mentions anything about Jaja's technique including last week's performance.  It was Jason that pointed out that Jaja's arabesque is not as high as Hailee's.  Also Jaja's lack of technical training is more obvious than Virgil's so if Nigel was being fair, he would have said something by now.  Maybe, Jason is not following the script but I like that he isn't shy when he doesn't like a routine. 

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