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S30.E06: From Russia Without Love

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Intro: Backwards!

Chalkboard: I will not order pregnant rats (It kept raining. That's harsh, Marge)

Couch Gag: Toast family! I thought it was cute, the couch being a toaster.

So it's apparently bad juju if you pop a blow up doll in your house.

Oh my god, Moe finally didn't fall for a prank call?! We've reached the end, folks. Sharp eyes can see pictures of the Pin Pals and the softball team on Moe's wall, plus bottles of Absolut Krusty on the shelf. (Although I didn't catch the labels on Maggie's pacifiers)

Hey, the writers didn't forget some of Moe's former girlfriends: Maya from season 20, and the broadway actress a few seasons back. I honestly don't know what was sadder: Moe getting scammed by a mail-order bride, or Kirk as a DJ? But I'll be honest, this "romance" didn't do anything for me because it went NOWHERE. It was essentially an obligation that neither of them wanted, so why even bother?

"It's like one of those movies we'd wish Tom Hanks would go back to making."
"I know. How many captains can one guy play?"

It was really good to see Herman and his shop again. Loved how he scared the kids by ripping off his arm...then revealing THAT arm was fake.

"There's a WHITE wine?" I love the running gag of Moe not knowing how to make drinks.

Oh, and I loved Jon Lovitz's brief cameo as the Clippy of the dark web.

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Woo hoo! Another great episode! 

I was just about ready to throw out my MILITARY ANTIQUE SHOP w/HERMAN "Simpsons Talking Interactive Environment" - now he's going back into the collection! 

Here you go, Galileo908! 




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Billboards outside of Moe's:
-- Absolut Krusty
-- Pappy's Bourbon
-- Johnny Stumbler
-- Duff Beer
-- Glen's Liver Scotch Whiskey
-- Northern Discomfort
-- Wild Clown Bourbon

I loved the selection of pacifier's Marge offered to Maggie, was basically like a tea selection. Girl Grey -- Hah ! That's pretty clever.

Poor Nelson -- goes all the way to Mars where he actually finds his father, only for his father to ditch him yet again.  Papa ? Where did you go Papa ?

On 11/11/2018 at 8:28 PM, Galileo908 said:

"There's a WHITE wine?" I love the running gag of Moe not knowing how to make drinks.


That made me chuckle.

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