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I'm at episode 3.

So far so good... I mean, it's not groundbreaking sci-fi (though it's just the beginning) but it hits all the notes I like from a story, it's everything that works on me, so...

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I binged the whole thing in 3 days. It's like a hybrid of Event Horizon, Alien and the Thing. The flashbacks are hit or miss, most of them have no real effect on the present, except for Lana's of course. The cast is really good all around, my favorites were Shun (he is a standout, and I think this is his first role ever, so great work), Lana (she has some really complex silent work, particularly in her flashback and the finale), Katie and Logan (he especially gets really good as the show goes). It's fairly predictable, I mean, I two first guesses for the parasites host were the the person who had a really shady past and the person who had the parasite. Some of the characters make such stupid decisions, and most of them pay for it with their lives. Has a few really good jump scares. The production is great, given that it's a YT original. All in all, I enjoyed it immensely, and am looking froward to season 2, given the ending.

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